ARMELLE FALLIEX, a Commited artist by Beatrice Chassepot


Armelle  Falliex carries a project, we, at be-Art Magazine and I, as an Editor in Chief and as a woman, we are proud and delighted to sponsor.

When she started to paint a few years ago, French born and LA based painter Armelle Falliex already knew she was looking for some sort of engagement but at that time it wasn’t clear. She has been successful by drawing portraits of great celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio or Marylin Monroe with Henry Miller. However that was not that kind of success she was looking for and she felt some frustration.

Then she drew wonderful portraits of French novelist Marguerite Duras, French/Universal Simone de Beauvoir, American Rosa Park. Subsequently to that last series Spain was close to repeal its abortion law by drastically limiting access to abortion in the country. The connection didn’t take long for Armelle Falliex, the obvious popped up:

  1. Human rights in general are never permanently settled, they are still fragile.
  2. Women’s rights in particular are under threat. Women as well as teenagers need to remain alert and more than ever they need support.

Since the obvious popped up she was ready to embrace that cause, her cause, her daughter’s cause, her sister in law’s cause, her cousin’s cause, her neighbor’s cause, your cause, my cause, every women’s cause.

And, in order to help that cause, she would portrait those Remarkable Women who spend their time and money, who take risks to defend those Women’s rights.

Those portraits could be reuniting all together and shown in a touring interactive exhibition in places like Universities, Schools and City Halls. One portrait would embody one cause and the imagery would help to start whatever a discussion, a conference or lectures.

Young women would remain alert to be careful not to lower their guard and more Women could join those non for profit association to help those on the portrait who defend the Women’s rights.

Her project was born.

Since then, she never stops studying about those remarkable persons she decided to paint. On a big square canvas Falliex generally paints the shadow of the portrait, above or beneath some clues that symbolize the cause. And I can tell that Falliex’s paintings are as strong as the cause they represent. If we only look at the pictorial side, this is an excellent job precisely because we feel the strength of the concept behind it.

This is where we have decided to intervene by helping the project with our tools: Two times a month we will unveil a new portrait on be-Art Magazine and spread the imagery and the concept wherever it is possible. Bch

Armelle Falliex is a French born artist
She lives and works in Venice, CA since 2012