Beatrice Chassepot

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French Born (Paris) Los Angeles-based since 2008
Founder and Editor of be Art Magazine
Freelance Art critic
L.A. Correspondent for (Spanish paper mag)
Coach for artists
Member of the United States Press Agency
Art Collector

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“My story with Contemporary Art started in Nîmes -South of France- I learned there to draw, sculpt, paint. This helped me to learn from the ground, to see and understand the essence of an artwork.

Nîmes was a place where I started to seize and collect contemporary art thanks to wonderful collectors like Bob Calle (Sophie Calle’s father) at a time he and the Mayor were building the Museum “le Carré d’Art”. The other couple of Art collectors who influenced me was Jacques & Anne Aldebert, by sharing their passion through exhibitions in their foundation.

Then Paris was the place where I started to study the History of Arts and challenge myself as an Art critic,

And Los Angeles is the place where I opened my mind even more and abandoned some values and certainties about contemporary art that restrained me.

It is in this fertile breeding ground that I got the idea, in 2005, to create a website -then and now be-Art

The Art Market is so wide that art collectors and gallerists and artists need some selection they can trust to be aware of what’s going on.  I sort the wheat from the chaff in order to provide a consistent selection of Art, Art Galleries, Art Fairs, mainly from both countries, Europe and the USA..


Founder & Publisher of be-Art Magazine bAM (e.zine)

Freelance Art Critic:

Reviews for art magazines:

Short essays under the name of “Autopsy of an artwork” meant to explore all aspects of a piece of art

Interviews of Artists, Gallery owners, Art Fair Directors etc..

Portraits of Artist, Gallery owners, Art Center Directors etc…

Texts on demand for artists (nc)

Coach for artists:



Organization of Studio Visits

2011-2012, in the greater Los Angeles:


For online exhibitions

  • 1st Art Fair online in 2009 “UP Dawings” (no longer visible)
  • “PERCEPTION” a Photography Show curated by Michael S.Tierney (no longer visible)
  • “Drawings art fair” in 2010:
  • “Drawings” in 2011 featuring 39 international artists and 16 galleries form Paris and Los Angeles (no longer visible)

For Exhibitions

Christian Carassou-Maillan, CEO of the Foundation:“- In the shortest time that you have ever had to deal with, you have organized a wonderful outdoor exhibition in this place, and you have also gathered the right public at the opening party. Many thanks, our place has been the-place-to-be”

Go-between for an art center and artists (philanthropic)

  • 2009
    Advisor to Fabrik Culture, a great contemporary art place for exhibitions in Hegenheim for a selection of emerging artist:“Julie Legrand” a young “emerging talent of be-Art”
  • May 2008
    Advisor to Fabrik Culture with artist Philippe Jacq a young “emerging talent of be-Art”

Modest but loyal part of the Art community of Los Angeles:

  • 2009-2015
    Member of the MOCA of Los Angeles
    Member of the LACMA, Los Angeles
  • 2007-2009
    Member of Les Amis du Palais de Tokyo / Paris / FRANCE
    Member of Les Amis de la Maison Rouge / Paris
    / FRANCE
  • 2006-2008
    Jury member of Paul Ricard Commercial Foundation / FRANCE
  • 2002-2008
    Member of Les Amis du Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris / FRANCE

Art Consultant

  • 2006-2008 for private art collectors in Paris and Switzerland
  • 2006-2008 for a French Foundation (Vacances bleues in Marseille)
    End of installation program of the artist Jean Le Gac in “Le Château de Montvillargenne” The biggest Resort Castle style in France, in Chantilly-Gouvieux

” – All our customers are asking about these wonderful paintings and photographies you installed in the Château. The complete work of the artist you choose transforms this place into a private museum, thank you for that, Beatrice, said Patrick Salas, the manager of the Resort. He added ” – now with such quality of contemporary art, we obviously make a difference with other resort in the area !”

“Thanks Beatrice, because of your program in this resort, I have a permanent exhibition in Paris, this is great”, said the artist.

Art Collector with her husband, Laurent Chassepot:

bea & laurent


More than 300 pieces -Paintings, Sculptures and Works on paper- of Emerging & Established Artists from Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Shanghai etc…


To name just a few: Claude Viallat, Don Brown, François Morellet, Pello Irazu, Andrew Foster, Michele Jane Lee, Roni Feldman, Isabelle Cornaro, Bernard Frize, Alix le Méléder, Marc Desgranchamps, Damien Cadio, Silvia Bächli, Wu Xiaohai, Katincka Lampe, Louise Bourgeois etc etc…


  • 2011 Course session at Santa Monica College “Writing for magazines”
  • 2010 Course session at UCLA “Words and Pictures: Drawing Literature from Art” taught by author and artist Nancy Spiller
  • 2008 Course session about “Sponsorship” with “Admical” in Paris
  • School Program about the Art market at the IESA (Paris)
  • Paris, Ecole du Louvre: course session about “sculpture in the 19th century”
    Paris, Ecole du Louvre: course session about “drawings in the 18th century”
  • Owner of an art gallery “Eclectique” in Nîmes (France) through 1998
  • 1993-1996 Personal exhibitions in Nîmes
  • 1990-1995 Studies of painting techniques with Michèle Aubague
    1986-1996 Studies about drawing and sculpture with sculptor André Hogommat (Germaine Richier former student)


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