You are a Writer, Art critic -freelance- or a Student in Art.

You live in Beijing, Paris, Rome, Athens or whatever great City where Art is, and you’d like to share what you see


you are welcome to contribute to be-Art Magazine with your articles in the exclusive field of contemporary art.

bAM description:

Since 2005, be-Art is built on solid foundations of independence.

bAM is designed for Artists, Art Collectors, Art Galleries, Journalists, Curators and art lovers

“Selection” is our key word: our rigorous selection of Art and Artists makes our lists unique and trustworthy.

Our credo is:Nothing but the artwork” – as opposed to any Art market or “people” considerations- with our former website we have reached  over 60 countries, with an average of 5600 readers per month (sources: Celeonet with Awastats in 2011 for and we want to pursue with that new one.

Our increasing audience was Jan 25th, 2015:
1.France 36%
2.United States 21%
3.Brazil 4.44%
4.United Kingdom 3.21%
5.Spain 2.84%
6.Argentina 2.71%
7.Italy 2.71%
8.Netherlands 2.71%
9.Belgium 2.22%
10.Germany 1.85%     the rest is Israel, Japan, Australia, Canada

No doubt be-Art Magazine is a perfect target audience for all creative Art Critics.



Your article, description

Your writing can be

  • a short review about an exhbition (250 words)
  • an interview (250 to 800 words)
  • an essay about an artist (250 to 800 words)
  • an essay about an idea (250 to 800 words)

Your article is:

  • about contemporary art, (not fine art)
  • in English or in French (only if you are French native)
  • accurate, well documented or with good arguments
  • 3 to 5 images: 600 pixels width images related to your demonstration with captions including name of the artist, size of the art work shown, medium and courtesy.

You’re signature is linked to a specific page with your infos and linked to your website and/or your Facebook page if any 

No income but a worldwide visibility and a springboard to your next step!


Thank you for your contribution to be-Art Magazine!


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