Born in 1955 in Boulogne Billancourt, France. She lives and works in both Vezelay and Brittany, France

Alix Le Méléder is the quintessence of what the construction of an artist would ideally be: an obsessive creativity based on time and perseverance no matter what.

Alix Le Méléder in her studio – courtesy the artist

A path to radicalism

At a time she was successful with the colors dancing on the canvas, she preferred to go farther and she continued to dig out more by taking the path of radicalism. She lost a few on the side but she knew she was about to find “something”. And she did. Obviously her paintings with the four traces on each side need a close lecture. At first sight it is colorful but the more you look at it the more intense it becomes. One can physically feel the tension inherent to each trace but also between each one. Besides each painting has its own tension and that tension you see does not looks like another tension on another painting. Very fascinating indeed.

Alix Le Meleder Title: 26-01-2005 – 200 cm X 200 cm – Oil on canvas – Courtesy Zürcher Gallery

A large and comprehensive retrospective of Alix Le Meleder’s work at the Tour’s Castle (in France in 2020) allowed the public to progressively immerse in that physicality.

More here: https://chateau.tours.fr/exposition/alix-le-meleder-peintures/

A wonderful catalogue of the retrospective has been released. Ask to Zürcher Gallery https://www.galeriezurcher.com/contact

Unfortunately no images on Internet will ever reflect the brilliant artwork Alix Le Méléder has done and continues to produce.

Represented by Zürcher Gallery in New York: https://www.galeriezurcher.com

Yes she certainly IS an Icon