Born in 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA

After Baldessari and Ruscha Saban is one of the best new generation of conceptual artist living in Los Angeles

As many artists in Los Angeles and many conceptual artists, Analia Saban works a lot with the idea of multiple. She has developed an outstanding collection of series of prints like this one below, all in paper, no fabrics at all

100% Cashmere, Made in England, Clothing Tag, 2019
Mixografía® Monoprint on handmade paper
Edition of 20, 6 AP, 6 HC , Proofs: 1 – 28.5 x 37.125 in
courtesy Mixografia
Woven square outline (white) #1 2017
courtesy Praz Delavallade
Analia Saban
Draped Concrete (26.25 sq ft), 2016 – Four concrete slabs on wooden sawhorse
courtesy Sprueth Magers
Magnetic Core Memory Structure #3n – 2018
Woven acrylic paint through linen thread on walnut
courtesy Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Below is a video about Analia Saban: The Idea Within by the Getty Coinservation Institute in which you see her determination to being an artist.

Below is a video about an exhibition at the Modern Art of Fort Worth where she explains her process from the history of textile to the computer history