Open Studios Inglewood



The 2nd week of November

Inglewood has become the fastest growing artist community in Los Angeles. Each year, the Inglewood Open Studios tour showcases the impressive depth and talent of this community on the second weekend of November.

An Art Walk/art Show/Open Studios in Los Angeles is always a nice time of sharing. Artists and Art Enthusiasts take the opportunity to chat about one or the other exhibition, to share their opinion about this or that, about last openings. They walk all together from one gallery to another etc..

The Art Walks in Los Angeles are also quite an interesting experience for testing  your eye. You’ll find all sorts of art, from excellent to very bad. It is precisely the right place and the right moment to exercise your eye, and ask to yourself why you like the piece in front of you. And you’ll see how difficult it is to answer that question when, on the other hand, it is so easy to explain why you don’t like such piece of art! BCh