#stayhome Exhibition: Mark Ruwedel at Gallery Luisotti, Los Angeles


72.5 Miles Across Los Angeles a project by Mark Ruwedel

Gallery Luisotti -a fantastic gallery for photography in Los Angeles- has created a YouTube Channel in order to show their artists. They have edited a first video featuring a voiceover interview between Mark Ruwedel and his partner Corrine Corry as they discuss his project 72.5 Miles Across Los Angeles, in which he photographed the long-distance walking path taken by his collaborator Nigel Raab across Southern California.

courtesy gallery luisotti

Ruwedel shows the other side of LA, not Beverly Hills, not Hollywood, not Bel Air but the LA of the workers. Very interesting indeed. However Ruwedel has chosen to show his work in black and white which can be questionable because it accentuates the poor side while life in LA and in these neighborhoods is a rather positive and joyful community life.