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Art Collectors like to make a decision on their own when it comes to buy a piece of art.
The art market is worldwide. It means obviously a (too much) wide offer of artists and aesthetic.
As at bAM we separate the wheat from the chaff upon rigorous criteria, we are able to create a great selection of art to help the collector in his/her choice.
And because
I have
personally experienced that method for more than 35 years with great success, I have decided to share it with you through bAM.
Beatrice Chassepot.

First of all, when you see an artwork for the first time, you must “feel something”, (no matter if it is a good feeling or a bad feeling). It shows that the artwork in front of you is trying to tell you something. Even if you feel exhilarated, this is a good starter but it is not enough to buy the work straight.
To make a decision you must start a process to explore underneath the artwork.

Here are selected below some stringent criterion to choose the right artist and the right artwork. If one of those criterion is missing you are sure to make a mistake when purchasing the piece:
In order to convey a certain feeling the artwork must:

  • reflect high skills level of technical know-how, but not only.
  • It must also contain creativity, not necessarily new but at least treated with originality. The creativity can show in figurative, narrative, abstract or conceptual mode, no matter.
  • the experience shows that a good piece of art always reflect as a result the mental process of the artist (again no matter if it is figurative, narrative, abstract or conceptual or brand new)

The Body of work of the Artist must

  • be based on excellent technique(s) whatever it is,
  • must contain creativity, not necessarily new, but treated with originality,
  • the ensemble must be coherent, consistent in a way that it shows a hard work in research directions that can be various but not heterogeneous
  • the body of work must show a constantly evolution

Guess the perspective of the artist’s work:

  • the art you buy must be transportable any time, any distance,
  • conservation of the art that must be perfect to be durable,
  • the edition of a photograph, video, sculpture must be really limited as said.

If you are lucky enough to meet the artist

  • take the pulse to see if he has a global idea of what he does, a vision
  • He should show an ability to tell his/her thoughts in words.
  • He should be be ambitious
  • He should be inventive
  • You should be impressed by his/her character, smartness, but never buy the art because of that ,
  • Always pretend the artist is dead when you buy his/her art and more, try to picture the future of the art in two centuries.
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