be-Art Magazine (bAm) is an independent high-quality-only magazine committed to providing articles, images or videos on selected exhibitions and artworks. be-Art magazine also offers a rigorous selection of Artists, Art Fairs, Galleries and Museums.

1/ “Selection” is our key word

Our rigorous selection makes our lists unique and trustworthy. Specific criteria of selection apply for each field:

Best Artists, three categories, Emerging Artists,  Established Artists and Ultimate Artists. Best Art Galleries
Best Art Fairs
Best Exhibitions

2/ be-Art magazine is designed for

Art Collectors who can:

Benefit from our unique list of Selection of artists of the three categories, Emerging Artists,  Established Artist and Ultimate Artists.
Benefit from a few tips to enlighten their knowledge

Artists who can:

Apply to be part of the Emerging, or Established Selection. To be mentioned on one or the other category gives a great international visibility opportunity, more specifically Europe and the USA.
Benefit from our expertise in coaching through www.coachforartist.com

Art Galleries who can:

Be part of our Art Galleries selection if they fulfill all our demanding criteria.
Pick an artist they like to grow their stable when they are not yet represented by a gallery.

3/ be-Art Domain names – Privacy Policy – Terms of Use – Copyrights

Domain names

August 2012 – currently: www.beartmagazine.com
August 2005 – August 2012: www.be-art-website.com

  • Creation of be-Art Vision, a Channel on You Tube of videos with Interviews, Studio visits, Visits to Art Fairs, to Exhibitions: https://www.youtube.com/user/beArtVision/videos?view=1&flow=grid

  • “be-Art” business name, is used and known as “be-Art” in France and Los Angeles since August 2005.
    “be-Art magazine” is used and known Internationally since 2013

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

4/ be-Art since 2005 by the numbers

www.be-art-website.com: from 0 visitors in 2005 to 55 869 visitors in 2013

www.beartmagazine.com, a new domain name = a new challenge

Sessions: 352,52 %
Visitors: 300,00 %
Pageviews: 401,14 %
Pages/session: 10,74 %
comparison period: 1 oct. 2015 – 31 oct. 2015 and 1 oct. 2014 – 31 oct. 2014 – sources Google Analytics



6/ Infos & Contact

“beartmagazine.com” is the property of be-Art LLC
Residence: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Domain name: https://www.beartmagazine.com
Founder & Editor: Beatrice Chassepot
email: com.be.art (at) gmail.com


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