be-Art magazine celebrates its Ten Year Anniversary!



It is a real pleasure for be-Art magazine to celebrate its Ten year Anniversary. For Ten years, we loyally advocate Creation through the Artists, through those who represent them so furiously, the Galleries, and through those who want to show them all and everywhere, the Art Fairs.



In 2005, when be-Art website started I didn’t know it would last so long. I didn’t know it would become the modest but worldwide be-Art magazine.

Catharina van Eetvelde, courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault
Catharina van Eetvelde, courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault

In 2005, after the art school, the natural path for an artist was rather to work, to live and to show, almost forever, in the same country with the same gallery.

Nowadays, to be successful, an artist has to experiment at least one Residency on each continent. He/she has to speak English fluently. He/she has to be his/her PR, Web designer, Agent, etc…

In Ten years, we have progressively seen the art market grow worldwide.

Art Basel and its satellites have multiplied their number in town as well as abroad in Hong Kong and Miami. We have seen arise multiple Art Fairs in Europe and the US, as well as new art fairs in growing countries like Russia, India and China.

On the other hand, we saw the emergence of many new art collectors.

We saw the birth of an elite of collectors worldwide. They compete all together through their Foundation to build the best place, so-called Museum, to showcase their collection. It looks like a reminiscence of the attitude of the Italian family, the Medicis, but, this time, not only European, Worldwide.

 "Dilution Coincidences" by Davide Balula, selected in 2007
“Dilution Coincidences” by Davide Balula, selected in 2007

In 2005, we were used to saying “I collect art” when now we can hear “I invest in Art.”

In 2005, auctioneers were dedicated to Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Degas, Picasso or any real art from the past.

Nowadays, they try to lead the market of Contemporary Art the best they can because this is clearly where the demand is right now.

In 2005, Art enthusiasts were either Journalists/Art Critics or newly experienced bloggers.

We were just a few to advocate the arts through the web. Nowadays, everyone creates its tribe of art enthusiasts through their social medias and their blogs. And Art critics don’t come only from specialized journalists. Nowadays, journalists sometimes have less expertise and independence than a self-taught blogger. And all kinds of journalists want to catch the Arty mood for their magazine or newspapers.

Yes, in Ten Years the Art world has changed a lot.

The worldwide competition has become more intense between artists, between countries and between collectors, between art fairs and between galleries and things go very fast. Is it good or bad? I don’t even care, as one says “it is what it is!”.

Drawings - 1975-1977 - Acrylic and masking tape on foamcore by Ed Moses
Drawings – 1975-1977 –
Acrylic and masking tape on foamcore by Ed Moses

However what we do care about at be-Art Magazine is the Art itself. How is the Creation nowadays? That is the real deal.

A worldwide Creation means that the proposals of Art have never been so diverse both in number than their aesthetic or techniques quality.

We can find a radical conceptual art in Europe and New York. We can be stunned by, the quality of the portraiture -photography and paintings- in The Netherlands. We are delighted to see the high level of creativity mixing different technique in Africa and South Korea. We are amazed by the no strings attached/freedom of the artists in California and so on…

What is the consequence for us, collectors?

In the end, the art is hung in our living room, as it was in 2005 or 1860. It says that we must continue to purchase an artwork we feel good with, when we look at it. No matter if it comes from China, France or California and no matter the price when you see it.

However, this big change -Nationwide to Worldwide creation- means for us, Collectors, that we must be aware twice more of our purchase of art and its dealer.

"Search Party" oil on canvas by Amy Bennett - courtesy the artists
“Search Party” oil on canvas by Amy Bennett – courtesy the artists

We have to stay away from the spotlights of some artist’s fame, which is temporary. We must remain aware of every major update that happens. We have to learn twice more about the mechanism of the art market. And most of all, we must continually educate our eye the most we can.

So, more than ever, read art newspapers, go to Art Galleries to educate your eye and read some good critics on the web…



Does that mean that more than ever you need to read be-art Magazine?

Yes! You need an independent and solid advice.

You need someone you can trust enough so you can purchase the artwork. You need a place where you can find a good selection of Art. I suggest you continue to read be-Art Magazine!

Claude Closky
by Claude Closky

The reason for the longevity of be-Art Magazine?:

We take our time. We are independent -no pressure from anyone in the ArtMarket-. Since our beginnings, we have settled stringent criteria for the selection of art and galleries. Artists and Galleries appreciate our positive critics. Time can witness that we have a noticeable eye-success. About 75% of the artists selected pursue a stable career- Our e.magazine is not meant to have a huge audience but a quality audience.

be-Art Magazine provides a Ten years background of expertise to sort the best Art from the bad Art,

Installation at Fabrik culture by Philippe Jacq, selected in 2007
Installation at Fabrik culture by Philippe Jacq




So Let’s continue all together.






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