Carlos Bunga and Olivier Mosset at Christopher Grimes Gallery


bunga 2015 mosset painted wallCarlos Bunga

Olivier Mosset


January 17 – March 14, 2015 at Christopher Grimes Gallery

Two “Monuments” but radically different in their approach were to be seen at Christopher Grimes gallery, Santa Monica.

Mosset, independent from the context

Olivier Mosset’s proposal was to install a wall painted with two flat colors, yellow and blue. It was not a new piece: the pattern and the colors were like imposed to him from an old canvas found by chance during a journey in the Chiapas in Mexico. He showed it in two different places in 2013: in France and New York.

At first it was surprising to find a piece already known through other exhibitions. As it was not a question of laziness from Mosset it forced you to think about it. And rapidly the strength of the piece spoke by itself. You understand it all. You understood that that piece will stay forever independent from the context. Whatever the context, Serignan, New York or Santa Monica, that piece will remain the same, straight, self-confident and self-sufficient.

Bunga, integrated into the context

Bunga showed two different goals. In the first room, with Mosset, he wanted to pay tribute to the Master. He put humbly on one wall a series of squares cardboard colored in warm colors, red and gold. He called them “windows” to echo Mosset’s monochrome. They were implemented into the wall as if wall and “window” belonged to each other.

In the other room, Bunga was alone and expressed Bunga piece: Large with no restriction. Obviously he takes care of the context in order to amplify the strength of each installation. He placed on the main wall a simple skin of cardboard painted in white which he cut all around. The edge left was like suffering with its untreated wounds along its length.

Yes the exhibition showed two artists with two different approaches but they serve one same objective: to move the lines of visual art very far which they did. BCH

bunga 2015
Bunga 2015
mosset painted wall
Mosset 2013 -2015