Dennis Koch at Luis Jesus de Los Angeles


through March 28th

It’s always a pleasure at bAM to present works on paper BCh

Working primarily in the medium of drawing, Dennis Koch makes meticulously structured abstract works inspired by the scientific fields of physics, cosmology, dimensional mathematics, parapsychology, and altered states of consciousness. CATCH-22 X TWO, marks the tensegritic enfoldment of two concurrent bodies of work by Koch: his large amorphous Scrambled Channel drawings, which are abstract impressions generated from exercises in remote viewing, and the more Euclidean Versor Parallel drawings, which are circular geometric structures analogous to a Buckminster Fuller tensegrity sphere. The Scrambled Channel and Versor Parallel drawings present two divergent perceptual frameworks woven together, entangled, focalized, and perhaps nullified—a double fantasy times a double paradox. THE GALLERY

Below a series of dry pastel on paper

IMG_5607 IMG_5610

Graphite and colored pencil on paper

ex95-00detail of above