Doppelgänger at Torrance Museum


“Doppelgänger”curated by dr Julia-Constance DIssel, Ichiro Irie, Sandra Mann and Max Presneill

April 2 – May 28,  2016

@Torrance museum

Featuring: Shiva Aliabadi, Kelly Barrie, Eric Decastro, Rainer Dissel, Martin Durazo, Christiane Feser, Christine de la Garenne, Kio Griffith, Florian Heinke , Steve Hough, Ichiro Irie, Franziska Kneidl, John Knuth , Sandra Kranich, Fabiola Menchelli, Sandra Mann, Anny & Sibel Öztürk , Manfred Peckl , Ave Pildas, Stehn Raupach, Tobias Rehberger, Roland Reiss, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, Marcus Sendlinger, Britton Tolliver, Lena Wolek, Augusta Wood, Eric Yahnker, Ekrem Yalçindağ

“Doppelgänger” (german word for “lookalike”) is one of the best exhibition of the moment. The curating choices might have been very difficult, but, despite the heterogeneity of the names/ages/fame of the artists from both sides, the result shown at Torrance Museum is very strong and brings a fresh look to the art from artists we already knew.

One of the artist to be noticed is for sure Sandra Mann (nothing to do with German novelist Thomas neither LA painter, Summer Mann). The photographer has build a sort of cubism concept for her photographs.

sandra mann Sandra Mann close to her installation

Sandra Mann "Tribute to Charles Eames I" - 2016
Sandra Mann “Tribute to Charles Eames I” – 2016




Sandra Mann “Tribute to Charles Eames I” – 2016 detail


Read below the concept of the exhibition:

Coordinated as a collaboration between German curators Dr. Julia-Constance Dissel and Sandra Mann, Los Angeles-based curator Ichiro Irie and Max Presneill, this exhibition explores similarities of practices that occur within globally expansive yet hyper-connected art production. Taking as its starting point similar thematics and/or formal artistic investigations (technique, material, methodologies, etc.) Doppelgänger reflects on similarity as a tool to investigate both the hyper-connectivity that exchanges issues, trends and impulses on global scale as well as the simultaneity of expression that it engenders. In this way, the curators engage the capacity of art’s function as a seismograph for sociological development.

The concept of the “Doppelgänger” emerges from German romantic literature at the end of the eighteenth century and refers to an entity that possesses the likeness of another—a perfect look-alike. Like Robert Louis Stevenson’s Doctor Hyde, the Doppelgänger is a superficial similarity that, while looking and/or sounding similar, is possessed of a different spirit and engagement.

ed ruscha "american whistles"
ed ruscha “american whistles”
ed ruscha detail
ed ruscha detail

ichiro irie and max presneill