Emerging Artist selection: Andrea Abrego, photographer

Andrea Abrigo, Winner of the YPA Prize
Andrea Abrigo, Winner of the YPA Prize

Perfection is not an option!

Andrea Abrego is just at the very beginnings of her life as a Photographer and however she knows already a lot about technique and she knows perfectly the “how to say it”. For this body of works she took inspiration directly from her life and despite her young age, she has been able to lift it up to a universal level. Those hands are astonishing and yet so simply shown. The light of the black woman sat with a book, the background chosen, the frame, everything is perfect.

Rush to see her full portfolio (below)
BCh, Los Angeles, May 18th 2016

no doubt she deserves to be part of our Emerging Selection


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Born December 10,1998
She lives in Culver City, CA.
Currently, she goes to Santa Monica High School, and she is going to be a Junior(11th).
2016: she published her first book with Venice Arts “Embracing Herself”
2016: she won the YPA Young Photographer Award by be-Art magazine

PORTFOLIO (partial)


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be-Art magazine: When did you start to use a camera?
Andrea Abrego: I started to use a camera since I was little, but I never really put so much effort into it. Since I live far from school, I ended up spending a lot of time around Venice, I took classes and whatever I learned I used it to go shooting almost every single day if possible. I like to shoot black and white film, it’s my favorite. 
be-Art magazine: What do you like in taking pictures?
Andrea Abrego: I like to get something out of a subject that can represent of a part of who I am, but I’m never obvious about it. I’m always paying attention to the lighting and shadows too. For film, I like the process it is done in the darkroom. It is more valuable because I’ve done from processing to contact sheets to test scripts until printing. I could spend hours and don’t get tired of it, once I printed in a darkroom tent, every single time I end up smelling like chemicals. 


to contact Andrea Abrego: com.be.art@gmail.com