Emerging selection 2014: Turkish artist Cagdas Kahriman


Çağdaş Kahriman was born in Ankara, Turkey
She lives and works in Paris, France

Prairails Series - Prairials #11
Prairails Series – Prairials #11 courtesy the artist


She received her degree of Master of Arts & Science of Art at Université Sorbonne, Paris / France and Concordia University, Montreal / Canada in 2001.
She also studied Visual Arts at Mel Oppenheim School of Cinema, Montreal / Canada.

Website: https://www.cagdaskahriman.com/


Cagdas Kahriman’s work combines drawings, animations, sound and videos. This mixed and hybrid practice requires different approaches depending on the concepts. In her videos, she transposes everyday life experience with other temporalities to reveal the trouble, social conditioning, latent violence of practices and normative processes. Her drawings questions the physical and physiological sensations that arise when confronted to our human condition paradoxes and dilemmas. She explores these issues varying artistic forms based on relations to time, to the History and to the subversive and poetic fragility. Proceeding by subtraction and dissection, she incises large black papers, interlaces drawings on tracing paper, reconstructs fractures with foam boards, surimposes acetate and paper playing with lights and shadows, form and inform.


 At be-Art Magazine we are proud to welcome such a talented artist. Usually we need time to decide for a new entry on our Emerging category. But here, in the case of Cagdas Kahriman we had no doubt after seeing her impressive body of work. She is building a real, strong body of work! It is meaningful, it is engaged, it is pretty well done plus the artist is ambitious and adorable, the perfect combination to last in the jungle of the Art Market. BCh

 Radiographies Exhibition at Première Vue, Paris France – 2013

Exposition RADIOGRAPHIES, Paris, 2013 from Cagdas Kahriman on Vimeo.

Glitch Series 2014 – paper and thread courtesy the artist


Autopsy of dialogue 2011
Autopsy of dialog  – 2011 – courtesy the artist


Nexus Incision sur papier, 70 x 100 cm
Series “Radiographies” 2012 Nexus Incision sur papier, 70 x 100 cm courtesy the artist


Wooding Series 2013-2014 – wooding #8 courtesy the artist foreground: a drawing on a rhodoïd, background: drawing on paper courtesy the atist