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Emerging Selection: French artist Raphaël Monchablon


Born in Paris in 1972
Lives & Works in Paris and Menton, France

monchalbon in out

1992, after Bachelor degree I live during one year in Beijing, at the “Normal Institute for the Foreign Languages”, to learn Chinese.
During this one year Cultur-Choc, I started to make Sculpture and I decided to became an artist.
From 1995 until 2001, I studied Sculpture at the ” Kunst-Hoch-Schule Berlin-Weissensee, Diploma by Prof. Inge Mahn. Raphaël Monchablon

“On / Off” Tetris Series – Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 65 cm


13-09-72, bois
13-09-72, wood


Raphaël Monchablon has a strong relationship with the Arts. He turns every minute of his life into a piece of art, whether it is a performance, painting, installation or sculpture. This tireless researcher likes also to fuel his inspiration by studying Masters like Sol Lewitt, Piero Manzoni, Bruce Nauman to name a few.

Like every sculptor he is very good at drawing volumes on a sheet of paper or with acrylic on canvas. For example in his Series “Tetris” he experiments all sorts of geometric with different types of perspectives: isometric, oblique, aerial and so on. He combines kinetic effects with dots in his Series “dots” or he is able to dismantle abstract cubes or lines to re-interpret them his way.


And the result is nothing but boring, this is full of humor and can be read both easily and extremely seriously. All good though. I encourage any gallerist, curator or collector who would read this article to consider Monchablon’s work. BCh.

Square - Acrylic on canvas - 50x50 cm
Square – Acrylic on canvas – 50×50 cm


Star City, Acrylic on canvas - 100x100 cm
Star City, Acrylic on canvas – 100×100 cm


Tetris Series – Acrylic on canvas, 81x 65 cm


Tetris Series – Acrylic on canvas, 81x 65 cm


Liberty 1, Acrylic on canvas – 45×54 cm


La Géode 2, Acrylic on canvas – 54×72 cm