Amy Adler at ACME, los angeles


Nov 15 – December 20, 2014


I’m very disappointed by the exhibition at ACME. Why do they show Amy Adler? Usually they have very good paintings. Sometimes I like, sometimes I don’t, no matter, but it’s always a good job. With Amy Adler, I don’t like it because it’s not good. Surely not yet I may add.

I understand she’s processing a lot before the painting, and actually that process is quite interesting. She seems to have a very thoughtful ans sincere approach to images. Read the interview by the Huffington post for example

It sounds like she is processing like artists do for conceptual art and usually in the case of conceptual art it does works pretty well: focus on a specific topic, study the medium, the process of showing etc… provide the soul of the artwork. And when it’s done, we feel for real the soul put in it.

In Amy’s case, no interesting topic, no soul, nothing. The reason is because she paints figurative with figurative rules and figurative aspect with figurative brush strokes etc… and she is not Cezanne….Not yet. (don’t say like I read in the press that those playgrounds are abstracts, they are not) Besides she paints on extremely big canvas, museum format, which shows a lack of humility. Who’s museum is gonna buy that? I would say to her “keep going into that interesting process but stop doing “beautiful and constrain things”, just paint and let it be! BCh

Amy Adler, Location (Playground no. 5), 2014, oil pastel on canvas, 132 x 108 inches courtesy ACME gallery