EXHIBITION: Kim Schoenstadt at Lapis Press, Culver City


At least, 2017 is not a bad start everywhere: in the heart of a peaceful neighborhood of Culver City, Lapis Press -lead by Adam Gross- continues to offer little jewels in the field of print and multiples. It is so good, especially at the present time, to see good people who do a good work to feel good yourself….

After some iconic projects such as La Brea Matrix, or Portfolios of pigmented ink prints by Graciela Iturbide, Rinko Kawauchi, or Vija Celmins to name a few, this time Adam Gross asked to Kim Schoenstadt to collaborate with Lapis Press.

Sightline Series: Inglewood/Malibu/Los Angeles 1, 2016 – Antique lithograph with cast vinyl film, pigment print elements, and electrophotography print in custom maple frame with two panes of Museum Glass.- 14-3/4 x 16-3/4 in. | 37.46 x 42.54 cm
From a series of 9 unique works. – Catalog number: KS16-0046 – Published by The Lapis Press


The project reflects exactly the universe of LA-based artist Schoenstadt. At Schoenstadt’s last exhibition at Chimento she defined a frame but made her design explode out of its initial frame.

The series shown at Lapis Press works the same. It is both contained within a 14 by 16 inches frame, but the making allows the freedom of the artist to express itself fully: when you look at that building -upper right- added to the original grey and white image used as a background, it is actually an assemblage/collage of images, and it has been layered with one more glass to add depth to the composition.

Very subtle indeed.

Kim Schoenstadt and two of her unique prints


Beatrice Chassepot Los Angeles, Feb 1st, 2017