EXHIBITION: Summer of the Art Centers in France


The Art Centers of France are keystone for the Artists living and creating in France.

Art Centers exist in each region of France. They are not from a private initiative. They are managed by a governmental organization the DCA, French Association for the development of contemporary creation. With the help of public funds, each Art Center officially supports the contemporary creation made in their region by all means: they buy art, they organize visits, residencies and exhibitions in their own location.

Read here the Art Centers mission: https://www.dca-art.com/en/contemporary-art-centers/their-missions

This Summer there’s a new iteration of the event “Plein Soleil”: each Art Center organizes an exhibition. As French people can luckily enjoy 4 to 5 weeks vacation they have time to discover and visit new exhibitions so for the Art Centers it’s the occasion to acknowledge the public about their new acquisitions through exhibitions.

This summer: 50 Art centers show more than 300 artists. Among them 133 female artists, 155 male artists, 121 French or in Residence artists and 168 international artists

The program is in French but pretty clear with locations, dates and names

Here is the link to the program https://www.dca-art.com/sites/default/files/bloc_dl/PROGRAMME_PLEIN_SOLEIL.pdf

List of all the artists exhibited:

If you travel in France this Summer pick your exhibition!