EXHIBITION: George Herms at Louis Stern Fine Arts, LA


“On and Off the Wall”
at Louis Stern Fine Arts

September 21 – November 2, 2013

Lovers 1982-1983
Mixed media
courtesy the Gallery


In the mid-50’s, after a brief stint studying engineering at Berkeley, Herms crossed paths with assemblage artist Wallace Berman.  An introduction to the Beat Poets and their freewheeling world-view followed. Herms soon became associated with the influential Southern-Cal art group Semina, producing “found-object poems,” sculpture/portraits built of re-functioned objects and books” says the Gallery

Since then he never stopped using founded objects that interact to each other in the same composition. Each item placed on the composition is like it was meant to be here since ever!  try to do the same with your own found object and you will see how difficult this is to compose items all together while keeping the right balance…..

Above is a perfect example of balance: the words shown are in Italian, the language of lovers, the layers of papers show the time and the numbers of love stories possible, the springs of the mattress of course refer to sensuality of any love story.