EXHIBITION: The Haubrok Collection at Fondation Hippocrène


through December 18th, 2015

Axel and Barbara Haubrok have been invited to show, through the Haubrok Foundation (Berlin), part of their collection at Fondation Hippocrène, in the wonderful building built buy architect Mallet-Stevens, 16th District of Paris, France.


logo hippocreneThe mission of Fondation Hippocrene is to work for a true European citizenship to be built daily by the youth of Europe. Therefor, the Foundation support the implementation of specific projects run by or for young Europeans.
Since 2002, the Hippocrene Foundation presents the exhibition series “Propos d’Europe” to promote the circulation of European artists and their creations.
Since 2012, Parisian Foundation, Fondation Hippocrène extends its action in favor of the art in network with European contemporary art foundations.

This fall Fondation Hippocrene invites the German Haubrok Foundation.

axel et barbara haubrok
Axel et Barbara Haubrok

Axel and Barbara Haubrok explain below how they envision their role as art collectors:



Unlike public collections who often must meet certain guidelines or positioning in the development of their acquisitions, we as art collectors, we have the freedom to decide what we think is more or less important when acquiring artworks. We can continue the flow of our ideas and intuitions during a given period which we are the sole masters. We commit our funds, and therefore we are solely responsible for any wrong choices. Furthermore, we are not forced to convince any selection committee that such or such piece of art would be indispensable to our collection. It has its strengths and weaknesses, because we do not benefit from remedies that would prevent us from a mistake in our decision making. However, ultimately, it is the subjective choices that make a unique private collection, giving to it a character and unique charm.

Markus Schinwald
Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

“Thoughts that breathe”

From October 6th through December 18th, 2015

Artists selected: Carol Bove, Martin Boyce, Bojan Šarčević et Markus Schinwald