Lester Monzon at Mark Moore, Los Angeles


Lester Monzon, in gallery two

@Mark Moore
February 25 – April 9, 2016



LA-based painter Lester Monzon has decided to turn his own hesitation/question as a strength. And “the problematic of a painter” becomes the main topic of his paintings. The result is quite astonishing: It is like when you see a man crying in public. It is quite moving, touching. You like that, finally, a man is able to show his sensitivity, and it brings some depth to the person you know.

When you look at Monzon’s last paintings, this is exactly that, the viewer is embedded in the creation process: like him you have hesitation, strength and hesitation again. Like Monzon probably did you ask to yourself about that pink “what if I put it here instead of here? “..or “that circle, what if I put it here? and in green? and so on. You become literally part of the painting. . Very interesting.


Also the use of white color is also very interesting, sometimes the paint is added or is a result of an erase. In that case, it suddenly adds depth in perspective. Unfortunately it doesn’t show with internet as it should…