Mineo Mizuno at Samuel Freeman, Los Angeles


through May 30th, 2015



The exhibition of Japanese artist Mineo Mizuno couldn’t have more appropriate timing! “Current” resonates with the word “currently” and refers of course to major water issues California just begins to take over thanks to Governor Brown. The delicate milky ceramics have been installed with videos of water falls shot in Japan, California or New York with the Esat River. The combination Ceramics/water videos works so well, one echoes the other and vice versa. That exhibition shows also that you can be 71 years old and do the best art ever. Extremely encouraging…
It’s outstanding and a must be seen. BCh

Mineo Mizuno exhibition view
Mineo Mizuno exhibition view
Still from Akadaki, 2015. Single-channel video, 9:43 courtesy Samuel Freeman

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In Current, Mineo Mizuno presents a suite of six single channel films, shot in New York, California and Japan.  Long known for his mastery of large scale ceramics, intricate glazes, and environmental installations, this turn to film introduces a new visual language for the artist.  With each film a fixed camera position is set, gathering footage for days at a time.  In New York he chose the East River, in California, a creek and the Pacific Ocean, in Japan, a waterfall.  Rather than searching for a decisive moment, the hours are blended to create a serene meditation on the passage of time, tide and current.  Reduced to elemental observation, Mineo’s subject is as it has always been: water.  From his earliest teacups to the flattened water drops, the six-foot tall teardrops to the most recent moss islands, water has remained a constant element in all aspects of Mineo Mizuno’s career.” READ MORE