Paris Photo LA, 2015 edition


IMG_6220The greatest longstanding experience International Art Fair for Photography, 100% “made in Paris, France” came for its Fourth Edition in Hollywood.

Great enthusiasm at the Press conference



Freeze-Frame at Paramount

 Ideal place to show images an for the public to make his show.
Let’s see what was the 2015 story


Reed Exhibitions


Florence Bourgeois, Director
Christoph Wiesner, Artistic Director

Décor setting

Paramount Picures Studios, Hollywood, California: The Fair occupied two real/fake streets including the real/fake apartments all along and three huge Stages in which were hosted 79 exhibitors/265 artists.

Three Days: Friday May 1 & Saturday May 2: noon – 7pm. Sunday May 3: noon – 6pm

The warm temperature outside was a perfection and the sun was shining like in the best romance comedies.

The champagne served was one of the best French brand, the food truck served a not French but delicious fusion food.

The dress code this year was for Women, casual Californian style with a hat (any kind)  plus the plus the necessary super high heels no one can walk with more than one hour and for Men more preferably colorful Bermuda shorts for men with blazer on a strict shirt and formal leather shoes with laces

The Story

The story told a bit about the international Market and trend in Photography in 2015. Because of such an incredible organization and setting that would almost turn the fair like a Theme Park, the fair functioned as a self-contained unit. No need of Annenberg, no need of the Getty or no need to do a charity for a local non profit as other fairs usually do, Paris Photo LA had the ability to attract many Art Dealers, Curators and Collectors from all the cardinal points of the USA, Australia and Europe.

They were 16.000 colorful/diverse visitors this year again to walk through the real/fake streets of the real Paris Photo LA ready to build their own story about the fair.

The Characters

Leading Role

#1 Photographer Ronan Guillou at Next Level Gallery

Successful bet for the gallery to came at the Fair with a solo show of a French photographer showing his American shots. They have an obvious filiation with remarkable American photographer William Eggleston.

Look below the grace of the hand that reminds drawings by French artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. He thought that the position of the hands was the most important finishes to his drawings. They enhance or reveal the character better and more than any other attitude of the body. This is exactly the case with that young woman below

coming accross
Coming Across


Isabelle Mesnil, owner at Next Level Gallery


#2 Anthony Lepore, Curator for “California Unedited! the Archives of Richard J.Arnold”

Amazing revival of a series of B&W glass plate photographs  by Richard J. Arnold. who depict the community of San Luis Obispo. In the context of Paris Photo it looks like preliminary photos French painter Manet would have used!
curator Anthony Lepore



#3 Joaquin Trujillo at De Soto Gallery, Venice, CA

‘Mal de Ojo’ revolves around Trujillo’s experience suffering scarlet fever as a child in rural Mexico and is recounted in two parts: fetishistic portrayals of the artist’s own physical and psychological trauma and tabletop arrangements of Mexican folk remedies and collections of personal amulets and totems.
Joaquin Trujillo
Joaquin Trujillo


Best engaged artists:

#1 Ramiro Gomez @ Charlie James Gallery, LA.

Ramiro Gomez who has been for a while a Nanny for wealthy-born children. He noticed the invisibility of the people who worked there. Everywhere inside or outside the house there were handymen, housekeepers, pool guys, gardeners etc etc…. This is the common life of an upper class house in the USA.  Ramiro decided to pay tribute to those invisibles by painting them in their working attitude on the cover of magazines that Upper class usually reads. The body of work is a strong wake up call.

ramiro gomez Ramiro Gomez2

#2 Ken Gonzales-Day at Luis Jesus de Los Angeles, LA

One strong photograph of that black woman rising her hands to implore God. In the background cops are walking to contain a riot. Ken’s intention is to create a composition with real backgrounds of riots that really happened. He adds to that background one or many models who follow Ken’s instructions to make the right pose.

Ken Gonzales-Day, Hands Up


Best engaged Gallery:


Ag Galerie is committed to promoting art that reflects the zeitgeist of contemporary Iran. Below “Red Ribbon” series by Mohammad Ghazali. At the top and behind each red ribbon there’s a portrait of a martyr hidden.

Director: Simindokht Dehghani Founded in: 2015
Director: Simindokht Dehghani
Founded in: 2015


Best Female Photographer: Cristina De Middel at Dillon Gallery, NY

With Afronauts Series, Spanish-born photographer Cristina De Middel documents the little known Zambian attempt to reach space in the mid 1960’s. By combining her original photographs with both found and created documents and drawings, she focuses on the story telling of an unbelievable fact, while questioning the documentary value of photography.

14_ingelele_the_afronauts_cristina_de_middel cristina de middel MSC5366 de-middle_christina023a

Cristina De Middel - series The Afronauts, 2012
Cristina De Middel – series The Afronauts, 2012 – Installation view at Paris Photo LA 2015



Best Male Photographer: George Rousse at Sous les Etoiles gallery, NY

Rousse’s artwork is a combination of installation + photograph. First he chooses an abandoned place in which a wide geometric would be painted. Then, he goes to the right angle to shoot a photo of that geometric. The result is a stunning image with the appearance of a Photoshop work when actually there is none.


Corinne Tapia, Founder and Owner at Sous les Etoies Gallery & Sylvere Azoulai



No doubt PARIS PHOTO LA, once again was a very professional and international Art Fair with strong photographs on display. Some galleries told they were excited to have new collectors from L.A. Photography indeed is the perfect medium to start as a Collector because the prices are more reasonable than with original pieces. And L.A is full of collectors to be.

However, I would put a damper on my enthusiasm. As a local, resident in Los Angeles I would have loved to see the local Art community involved in that amazing Paris Photo L.A Story. Next time?

Beatrice Chassepot, Los Angeles, May 4th, 2015


Jacob Gils at In The Gallery
Jacob Gils at In The Gallery, Denmark


Cole Sternberg at Mama Gallery, LA
Cole Sternberg installation at Mama Gallery, LA


Hans-Christian Schink solo show at Robert Morat, Germany
Hans-Christian Schink solo show at Robert Morat, Germany


ebbe stub wittrup at Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen
Ebbe Stub Wittrup at Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen