EXHIBITION: Emmanuel Monzon at Charbon space, Hong Kong


“Enter the Void” Emmanuel Monzon

at Charbon Space, Aberdeen, HongKong

until March 25th

Monzon explains  ‘This aesthetic of the void in my photographic work attempts to understand our current environment : can it be one of de-civilization?

Monzon shows milky silent suburbs where the asphalt blends with the rocks or the rocks blends with the asphalt. With the magic of Monzon’s eye to take the right angle, and his talent to choose the right time in the day to shoot, those urban sprawlings have become part of Mother Nature.

Is it possible to consider that an artist would unveil how would be our future? because those powerful pictures give the feeling that Monzon shows our World like it will be in a Century, or Two.

For sure a do not miss exhibition

Beatrice Chassepot