Portait: “Richard Kurtz, Faith & Freedom”


We are lucky to have discovered the artist Richard Kurtz in 2011. The artist is somewhat different from the others.

kurtz portrait

He truly never pays attention to his career but he is always concerned about how to express his feelings through the magic of a brush stroke.



Now I know him a little bit more I can add that his Freedom is as a spine to him. When I saw him he instantly reminded me Dennis Hoper and Peter Fonda in Easy rider: he embodies the idea of Freedom. He likes to travel the world, living here and there, where he has space too sleep and a little money to buy some paint and food. And he likes nothing but paint.

kurtz_the-love-boxerHe is also genuinely and truly Faithful: Faithful in life, Faithful in his painting and Faithful in the Human being. Do you know someone around you that keeps going in life with such a strong Faith? Currently, we are more surrounded by pragmatic and consumerist people where time is money, where actions must deliver results and where meeting with someone must bring some kind of advantage. Even in the art-world.



His paintings are the perfect reflexion of who he is. He puts so much faith and sincerity in each one that each single painting exudes his thoughts like ex votos do.  We encourage any collector to visit his website, see the work and buy it to allow him to continue to deliver such powerful paintings.


No doubt we were lucky that day when we saw his little paintings….BCh