#stayhome Exhibition: STAYCATION at Anat Egbi, Los Angeles


Extremely well thought and well curated exhibition “STAYCATION” presented on a PDF featuring Martin Basher, An Te Liu, Alejandro Cardenas,
Faith Wilding, Sarah Ann Weber, Samantha Thomas,
Jordan Nassar, Alec Egan, Tina Girouard,
and Zoé Blue M.

Staycation is an exhibition of works intended to be shared with you in the physical realm, carefully packed, flown, and installed across the country, instead they will be viewed in a virtual one. Planned out for a year, the selection of works by ten artists were meant to be seen in the various spring fairs and exhibitions. They were labored over in studios across the country and are now shared with you digitally, while we shelter-in-place.

Martin Basher, Untitled 2020 – Oil on canvas – 40″x30″
courtesy Anat Egby

SEE MORE: https://anatebgi.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Staycation_PressPreview_2020_Lo-Res-1.pdf