Studio visit: Charles Christopher Hill, Los Angeles



Californian Painter Charles Christopher HILL is internationally known in Europe -France, UK, Germany, and Switzerland- where he regularly exhibits his abstract paintings. His paintings are in public collections of Museum like the MOCA, LACMA, Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), MOMA (NY) to name a few.

For his first abstract paintings he took his inspiration from ancient marks as seen in Spanish caves painted centuries ago by Homo Sapiens. Now he extracts just a detail and create series of dots, grids or lines. The paintings are built-up in a long time process of multiple layers of acrylic paint applied in random order and endless layers of clear acrylic medium.

As a result and despite the abstract aspect of the paintings, each one contains a palette of the artist’s moods. And, rather than the traditional coldness of the abstract, the paintings are extremely warm, smooth and generous.

Visit organized for bAM, May 25th 2012

For that visit the Artist organized in his studio a unique retrospective of his body of work. We were lucky to hear from him the whole story of his art processing.


Charles Christopher HILL & Francis LIMERAT from Claude Mossessian on Vimeo.