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Ultimate Artist: Larry BELL


Larry BELL – Multi-disciplinary artist

Born 1939, Chicago, Illinois
Lives and works in Taos, New Mexico & Venice, CA

His website here:

To realize the magnitude and importance of his work, you should have seen the retrospective organized at the Carré d’Art Museum in Nîmes in 2011. This is a considerable work. He digs ever and ever new technique tracks that lead his art-making through different means: sculptures, glass, furnitures, vapors. The common points of these works would be the researches on light, transparency, layering and volume. Larry Bell is simply unclassifiable BCh


Glass series:

larry bell 6x6x4-C,D,1996, four 12mm glass panels coated with nickel-chrome









Mirage series
BLUE ZONE, 1989, mixed media on canvas, 66×81.5″.










Vapor series (1978 – 1979)


see much more on his website here