Ultimate Artist: Sedrick Huckaby


Born in 1975 in Fort Worth, Texas
Lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas

Sedrick Huckaby
“Just few patches” – 2014 – oil on canvas mounted on wood – 108 x 168″ – courtesy Thomas French fine Arts


Sedrick Huckaby, a great painter

Sedrick Huckaby personifies the story of the enlightenment that making art can bring.  He was a very skilled student with a BFA in painting at Boston University and completed with a MFA from Yale University.

He first started to represent his family because this is what every painter does when he/she needs to exercise. He realized that painting his family was a way to put together the history of that family.
It is where he started to paint his grandmother’s Quilts. They were at that stage part of the decor. Then he discovered the reason of those pieces of fabric put together: each piece would belong to a specific person or would be from a specific moment in the family story. It is where the Quilts began naturally to overrule the rest and to be the main subject.

Naturally painting the Quilts fueled Huckaby’s curiosity, and he felt he needed to connect at large with the community

I decided to draw average everyday people to give them a voice.


Sedrick Huckaby1


It is where he began the series of graphite or pastels of people he interviewed  and drew like a journalist would do. (left)





The result of these directions taken by Sedrick Huckaby gives an extremely strong body of work that, unfortunately, doesn’t show at its best with the Internet. “In the flesh” the paint is thick because full of feelings, full of that history he draws. “In the flesh” the drawings are simple and expressive, and the pastels are dense and rich.

Please pay attention to that name Sedrick Huckaby, he draws the portrait of America. BCh

Thomas French Fine art: https://www.thomasfrenchfineart.com/search/by/paintings

Video Below:

“Sedrick Huckaby, Hidden in Plain Sight” by John Thornton

Sedrick Huckaby at Thomas French fine art1
The first time I saw him it was at Thomas French fine Arts at L.A. Art Show, in 2015


"Just few patches" - 2014 - oil on canvas mounted on wood - 108 x 168" - courtesy Thomas French fine Arts
from left Beatrice Chassepot, Seydrick Huckaby before the painting: “Just few patches” – 2014 – oil on canvas mounted on wood – 108 x 168″ – courtesy Thomas French fine Arts