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Ultimate Artists – Californian painter Ed Moses


Born in 1926
Lives and works in Venice, California, USA

ed moses_untitled 83 1976-1983 acrylic on canvas
Ed Moses “Untitled 83” 1976-1983 acrylic on canvas

Ed Moses and the excitement of the process

Californian artist, Ed Moses, explores all the possibilities of painting. Whether it is paper or canvas he works by series. Once he has exhausted the series, he continues with another idea of pattern or material, or both all together. What he likes most is the process of making paintings.

If the imagery through the series doesn’t “sign” the artist, there is a “style” Moses: the way he pushes the boundaries of painting is more his trademark. He has the ability to take a series very far up to a no-return point. Once it’s done, it’s over. And he continues searching something different, another excitement. BCh

Ed Moses Installation View – 2009




Ed Moses, Red over Black, 2012; mixed media on canvas; 48 × 36 inches
Ed Moses, Red over Black, 2012; mixed media on canvas; 48 × 36 inches


Ed Moses “Mutator” Exhibition at Greenfield Sacks 2009


Ed Moses – 2010


ed-moses-wada 2014
Ed Moses “Wada” 2014