What an Artist should be… by be-Art Magazine


“- If I am an Artist? What a silly question – Yes sure I am an artist!” is what you have in mind when you read our title.

Please, don’t lie to yourself. Van Gogh myth is no longer valid….

Believe me, sooner or later, one day will come when you’ll have to ask the inevitable question, am I an artist?

It is better for you that day arrives early enough to guide your life to the best of your ability and most importantly, more importantly, your dreams

This is  story between you and you

You know that have technical skills, you are good at what you do and you feel good when you do it:


  • are you lazy?
    if yes, this job is not for you. You are to many in the world and many other artists will overtake you because they have worked more and therefore better… There is no secret there. It’s like everywhere, if you work a lot you are good otherwise pass.
  • are you innovative enough?
    it is not enough to have found a technique. Another artist somewhere in the world will take it soon and you won’t have any more idea to defend.
  • are you creative enough?
    it is not enough to have found a concept, it must be able to multiplier, to develop or find others and others. You must know there are tons of artists in the wolrd who have excellent concepts to show.
  • are you self confident enough?
    If you are very creative, very innovative, you might have some difficult times to face because just a few people will understand what you’re doing. So, you have to trust yourself. You must be the first one to believe in your vision
  • are you ready to show your art?
    Of course there is a time when you are working and “searching things”, a time where you don’t want to show and you don’t have to show that work.
    But, I see too many excellent artists who feel they are not ready to show and it can last for ever and the reasons are always bad reasons. Because art must be shown. Art is meant to be shown by someone else. period.
  • are you a Network guy?

You can not just work from a region deep in your country. The globalization of art has changed this: the myth of Van Gogh, never understood when he was alive and recognized after his death is completed

Today, because of the huge number of artists all over the globe, you have to travel all around the world, you have to communicate, to meet with curators, gallery owners, medias and other artists in the world.
Otherwise you’re dead as an artist and you will never be alive, even after your death.

If you answer correctly with honesty to all above, so, Welcome to the worldwide art community and good luck to you!

Beatrice Chassepot
Los Angeles, March 10th, 2013