Best Art Galleries in Paris


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Selection of best Art Galleries in Paris

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Criteria of selection


AWR = Artists We Recommend            

2nd district

Galerie Françoise Paviot
Specialized in Photography,
Vintage & contemporary    

3d district

galerie Anne Barrault
Specialized in Comics & Drawings
Emerging & Established artists
Paintings, Drawings
AWR: Catharina van Eetvelde, Jochen Gerner, Heidi Wood

galerie Stanislas Bourgain
Specialized in artists from Russia
Drawings, Paintings, Photography
AWR: Ivan Mikhailov, Diana Machulina, Kirill Smolyakov

galerie Jean Brolly
Eclectic choice of International Emerging & Established Artists
No specific Medium
AWR: Michel Verjux, Krijn de KoningNicolas Chardon

galerie Chantal Crousel
Established & Ultimate International artists
Conceptual with all medium
AWR: Thomas Hirschhorn, Wade Guyton, Reena Spaulings

Campoli Presti


galerie Martine et Thibault de la Châtre

Chenaux Gallery
Emerging Chinese/Asian artists
all medium

galerie Cour Carré
Concrete Art, Photography
French & European Established Artists
AWR: Vera Molnar, Daniel Pandini, Lin Delpierre and many others

galerie Dix9

galerie Duboys

galerie Eric Dupont
Mostly French Emerging & Established artists
Drawings, Photography, Sculpture

galerie Frank Elbaz
Conceptual, Mostly from Eastern Countries
AWR: Davide Balula, Bernard Piffaretti, Rainier Lericolais

galerie les Filles du calvaire

galerie Laurent Godin
Established International artists
Installations, Drawings, paintings
AWR: Claude Closky, Haim Steinback, Wang Du and many others

Marian Goodman Gallery

galerie Karsten Greve

galerie Eva Hober
Emerging European artists,
Painting, installations
AWR: Damien Cadio, Lucie Chaumont, Julia Cottin

galerie Lahumière

galerie Yvon Lambert
Ultimate internatiional artists
Installations, painting

galerie Maria Lund

galerie des Multiples (gdm)
Specialized in Limited Editions

Galerie Maubert
Excellent selection of artists
Installations, Works on paper, sculpture
AWR: Gabrielle Conilh de Beyssac, Isabelle Ferreira, Larry Bell

galerie Odile Ouizeman
Excellent eye
Emerging & Established, mostly from Europe
Paintings & Installations
AWR: Florence Reymond, Guillaume Cabantous, Iris Levasseur

galerie Papillon

galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
Ultimate international artists
Sculpture, painting
Takashi Murakami, Sophie Calle, Bernard Frize

galerie Polaris
Photography, Drawings, Paintings from
Emerging & Established international artists
AWR: Max Rohr, Stéphane Couturier, Louis Heilbronn

Emerging & Established International Artists, mostly from Los Angeles
For the gallery no matter the medium if the art is radical enough
AWR: Analia Saban, Matthew Chambers, Joe Reishen

galerie Almine Rech
Established & Ultimate international artists
Installations, paintings

galerie Denise René
Specialized in Kenetic Art, Abstract
Ultimate international artists
Paintings, installations, sculpture

galerie Michel Rein
Emerging & Established (mostly) European artists
Conceptual, paintings, installations

galerie Richard

galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
Ultimate, International artists
Drawings section upstairs,
Sculptures, paintings

Suzanne Tarasiève MARAIS
Excellent eye
Established & Ultimate artists
mostly European artists, strong voice
Painting, Sculpture, Photograhy
AWR: Markus Lupertz, Boris Mikhaïlov, Alexandre Arrechea

galerie Daniel Templon
Mostly French Ultimate Artists
AWR: Claude Viallat,

galerie Chez Valentin
Emerging & Established Artist
Conceptual art, all medium
AWR: Anne Neukamp, Antoine Donzeaud, Nicolas Moulin

Anne de Villepoix
Excellent eye,
Established international artists
Installations, paintings


4th district

galerie du Centre

galerie Patricia Dorfmann

Peter Freeman, Inc.

galerie Nathalie Obadia

galerie Catherine Putman
Exclusively dedicated to multiple and works on paper               

5th district

galerie Claude Bernard
specialized in painting 

6th district

galerie Hervé Loevenbruck
International Established artists
Conceptual, Paintings, Installations
AWR: Robert Devriendt, Dewar & Gicquel, Morgane Tschiember and many others

galerie Kamen Mennour
Established & Ultimate international artists
Installations & all medium

galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois           

8th district

galerie Albert Benamou

galerie Lelong       

10th district

galerie du Buisson      

11th district

galerie Magda Danysz
galerie dix9
Dorothy’s gallery           

12th district

galerie 2.13PM

13th district

galerie Air de Paris

GB agency

Galerie Laurent Godin
Established International artists
Installations, Drawings, paintings
AWR: Claude Closky, Haim Steinback, Wang Du and many others


14th district

galerie Camera Obscura
photography only                  

15th district

galerie/Association Premier Regard
First exhibition for emerging artists           

18th district

galerie/association Jeune Création
they also organize an art fair for emerging talents     

19th district

Bugada & Cargnel
French and international emerging or established artists
Conceptual workes, Installations

Suzanne Tarasiève LOFT 19
Excellent eye
Established & Ultimate artists
mostly European artists, strong voice
Painting, Sculpture, Photograhy
AWR: Markus Lupertz, Boris Mikhaïlov, Alexandre Arrechea            

20th district

Galerie Balice Hertling
Conceptual art
Emerging & Established international artists
AWR: Isabelle Cornaro, Julie Beaufils, John Rafman and many others

Galerie Jocelyn Wolff

 If you wish to add your Gallery please contact Beatrice, at

Criteria for selecting a gallery

  1. The gallery represents at least 3 Artists We Recommend who meet our selection criteria
  2. The galleries have a great and strong knowledge of their artists that they broadcast to anyone entering the gallery
  3. Their show (group or solo show) are well curated
  4. They may write catalogs or books or edit videos for each show
  5. They may organize lectures, conferences about their show.
  6. They put their artists wherever possible to show them at their most (in museum, group shows etc..)