Art Contemporary Los Angeles -ALAC-

This year the Art fairs environment in California was pretty tense considering the open challenge with San Francisco’s art fair the exact same month: Untitled, FOG, Photofairs …

Despite this climate, this Human-size-art-fair was an excellent “cru”.

Local heavyweights came with solid works to comfort LA as the number one place for contemporary art: Suzanne Vilmetter, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Honor Fraser, Cherry and Martin, Luis de Jesus Los Angeles, Ghebaly to name a few.

For the detail, 72 galleries were participating with the following breakdown 30 galleries from LA, 1 from Santa Monica, 1 from Beverly Hills, 1 from Culver City, 9 from NY, 4 from San Francisco, 1 from Mexico, 1 from Winnipeg, 1 from Auckland, 2 from Hong Kong, 2 from Seoul, 3 from Paris, 3 from Cologne, 3 from London. In the Freeways space : 8 galleries this year, 4 from LA, 2 from Germany -Berlin, Frankfurt- 1from San Francisco

This year it is very noticeable that ALAC is way more than any other fair. It has set the galleries calendar for their openings all over Los Angeles. From East Downtown to the West, and from Thursday through Sunday, numbers of Brunches, openings at 4pm or opening at 6pm flourished to present pretty strong shows: the inaugural show of Praz-Delavallade for their new place in Los Angeles, David Lloyd at Klowdenmann, Myriam Mechita at Mama, Support-Surfaces at Cherry & Martin,  Kathleen Ryan and Hans Bellmer at Ghebaly Gallery, a wonderful group show at Ibid, Kim Shoenstadt at Lapis Press, Sharon Engelstein at Wilding Cran gallery to name a few…

The art shown was in general way more demanding than last season.


Our Top Five artists list is guided by always the same criteria of creativity and excellent technique of the artwork

#1 Ed Rushcha at Mixografia, Los Angeles

Ed Ruscha “Ghost station” 2011 courtesy Mixografia


It sounds pretty unfair to put that Masterpiece by Ed Ruscha again as number one, but every time that specific white-amazing-work-on-paper will show, you’ll see it at the first place..

It is one of the best pieces Ed Ruscha has probably made. It came out at the end of the 2011 Recession, and it reflects the result of the chaos and all the questioning concerning the future that come with it. On the art angle it comes after all the Standard oil with color or less color that we saw since the beginning of the series


#2 Bernard Piffaretti at Cherry & Martin, Los Angeles

Bernard Pifarretti at Cherry and Martin


This French Painter born in 1955 has an obsession of the symmetric which is actually a smart gesture of painter. The specific canvas above shows at first sight the same two geometric shapes same colors, same gesture, same brush stroke. In fact, nothing looks alike the other. Everything is different. Actually, this painting is in itself a whole lecture of the art of painting. It explains that each brush stroke is unique and not reproducible and by extension that each painter is unique.

#3 Zhou Yilun at Nicodim, Los Angeles/Bucharest

because of the technique (the “support” is not traditional, the embroidery is made with tights). As a result these Madonna with child are extremely moving

#4 Lia Halloran at Luis de Jesus Los Angeles

LIA HALLORAN, The Magellanic Cloud, after Henrietta Swan Levit
2016 Cyanotype on paper, painted negative on paper 76 x 76 inches


Dive into those blue paintings. Lia Halloran is an LA based artist who has this understanding of Sciences that we do not have. Your Body is a Space That Sees is a series of cyanotype prints that sources historical imagery and narratives to trace contributions of women in astronomy since antiquity. The of series of large scale cyanotype prints will interpret a fragmented history and represent a female-centric astronomical catalog of craters, comets, galaxies and nebula drawing from narrative, imagery and historical accounts of Hypatia of Alexandria, Caroline Herschel, Helen Sawyer Hogg, and a group of women at Harvard in the late 1800’s known as Pickering’s Harem or the Harvard Computers.

#5 James Herman at Ibid, Los Angeles

James Herman shows two great plywood panels painted on their surface and carved to reveal the flesh of the wood. Excellent work




#1 Jack Hanley Gallery NY

for the minimalist simplicity of the display in such a huge booth

Alain Biltereyst at Jack Hanley Gallery NY


Alain Biltereyst Untitled, 2016 Acrylic on panel 9 x 6.5 inches



#2 Kayne Griffin Corcoran Los Angeles

Because they present 1st/ the remarkable dark universe of David Lynch, and 2nd/ the gallery presents only his works on paper, which is the first time in LA we see a whole booth dedicated to works on paper.

#3 Anat Egbi Los Angeles

because of the remarkable all B&W display

#4 Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong

because it takes guts to come from so far and exhibit in a solo show such specific art. Wonderful paintings like drawings, with a strong universe: Chris HUEN Sin Kan

#5 Jenny’s, Los Angeles

because they show Liz Craft, the most disruptive artist of Los Angeles who fits the most the inner spirit of Los Angeles.

Liz Craft at Jenny’s, Los Angeles, ALAC, 2017



Paintings by Nick Goss at Josh Lilley, London



Adam Henry at Tracy Williams, NY


Andrew Mania at Valentin, Paris
Jane Corrigan at Marinaro, NY


Marila Dardot at Vermelho sao paulo


Analia Saban at Mixografia


Marc Horowitz at China art objects, Los Angeles