Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2013 edition


January 24th -27th, 2013
at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California

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For its fourth edition, Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC) has reached cruising speed and took the market leadership as the most interesting Contemporary Art fair of Los Angeles to represent the contemporary international art scene. Very local in its infancy, ALAC gradually gain the confidence of foreign galleries who no longer hesitate to invest in the salon.
This year, Europe was well represented with galleries from London, Gateshead, Milan, Vienna, Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Paris for which the French American event held by the French Consulate in Los Angeles was incentive. More than 7 Parisian galleries was counted  against 1 Parisian gallery last year with the Galerie Zürcher. For the rest, we could notice the usual circle gallery in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Among regretted absences could be noted that of iconic Los Angeles contemporary art scene with Patrick Painter Gallery.

This new mature Art fair also hosted a comprehensive programming series, including world class artist talks, museum curator led panel discussions, and film screening and performance series. Plus a VIP program to keep the collectors in the LA mood.

be Art-be top 5

# 1
be-Art best hanging-and-show Award goes to:
Tracy Williams Ltd Gallery from New York

On the right wall, installation of small paper sizes (dollars) Murad Khan Mumtaz, facing him two large papers Alyssa Pheobus Mumtaz and bottom installation papers Simryn Gill. A conversation or rather an almost palpable tension emanated from the simplicity of these three artworks.

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#2 is

with Steve Turner Contemporary / Los Angeles

This very young Mexican artist found a very interesting path to dig out. He cuts and puts together some pieces of wall on a canvas like with a puzzle. Those pieces of walls are like amputees, uprooted from their original context and not at all ready for a second life if one considers the visible shape of inachevement of the work presented. Moreover, as the artists forces those pieces to be contained on a surface they might ressemble to a slave who has to do well and be nice for its collector once it is hanged in the living room. Brilliant!



#3 is

at Loevenbruck Galerie / Paris

Philippe MAYAUX received French Marcel Duchamps Prize a few years ago and English Daniel DEWAR with French Grégory GICQUEL just won the same Prize this year. From clay to marble or from tapestry to ceramic, those two guys explore all the vocabulary that sculpture can possibly offers.

#4 is

Maxime ROSSI

at GDM Galerie de Multiples / Paris

Time is one of the main materials for this young French artist Maxime ROSSI. The time to make each piece of art which is itself an object borrowed from the past. So the viewer must also take his time to explore this subtle artwork.



at François Ghebaly Gallery / Los Angeles

Both artists were gathered there for the enjoyment of visitors. If apparently they are very different -one is pretty old when the other is young, one is American and knows a late glory when the other is at the height of his fame- they have in common to develop a language of their own and create a aesthetic universe very personal and exciting


2013 Exhibitors = 67 galleries

1301PE  Los Angeles
ACE Gallery  Los Angeles / Beverly Hills
ACME.  Los Angeles
Altman Siegel  San Francisco
American Contemporary  New York
Angles Gallery  Los Angeles
Bischoff Projects  Frankfurt am Main
Brand New Gallery  Milan
Brennan & Griffin  New York
Callicoon Fine Arts  New York
Cardi Black Box  Milan
David Castillo Gallery  Miami
Galería Marta Cervera  Madrid
Clifton Benevento  New York
Pilar Corrias  London
Curro & Poncho  Guadalajara
Thomas Duncan Gallery  Los Angeles
Anat Ebgi  Los Angeles
Derek Eller Gallery  New York
Fitzroy Gallery  New York
Fourteen30 Contemporary  Portland
GDM Galerie de Multiples  Paris
François Ghebaly Gallery  Los Angeles
The Green Gallery  Milwaukee
Christopher Grimes Gallery  Santa Monica
Jack Hanley Gallery  New York
The Hole  New York
Andreas Huber  Vienna
International Art Objects Galleries  Los Angeles
Jancar Gallery  Los Angeles
Galerie Michael Janssen  Berlin
David Kordansky Gallery  Los Angeles
Galerie Christian Lethert  Cologne
Josh Lilley  London
Loevenbruck  Paris

LOYAL  Malmö
Gallery Luisotti  Santa Monica
M+B  Los Angeles
moniquemeloche  Chicago
Neon Parc  Melbourne
New Galerie  Paris
Newman Popiashvili Gallery  New York
Mihai Nicodim Gallery  Los Angeles
Night Gallery  Los Angeles
Nye + Brown  Los Angeles
Claudine Papillon Galerie  Paris
Peres Projects  Berlin
Quint Contemporary Art  La Jolla
Joe Sheftel Gallery  New York
Shoot the Lobster  New York
Fredric Snitzer Gallery  Miami
Thomas Solomon Gallery  Los Angeles
Spinello Projects  Miami
Standard (OSLO)  Oslo
TORRI  Paris
Steve Turner Contemporary  Los Angeles
Various Small Fires  Los Angeles
Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects  Los Angeles
Jonathan Viner Gallery  London
Johannes Vogt Gallery  New York
Kate Werble Gallery  New York
Tracy Williams, Ltd.  New York
Workplace Gallery  Gateshead
Yautepec  Mexico City

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