Art walk Down Town Los Angeles


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The 2nd Thursday of every month

Hours vary by gallery, but can typically range from Noon – 10pm

Start at the Art Walk Lounge (634 S. Spring St.): The Art Walk Lounge is the visitor center for the Art Walk. Visitors can pick up maps, view and purchase art in a unique curated exhibit of fine art featuring local and international artists, support artists and microbusinesses through the Art Mart, and sample promotional items from our sponsors.

Many of The Downtown Art Walk activities take shape in and around the galleries predominantly on Spring and Main streets between 2nd and 9th streets. However, there is a plethora of art related events and openings, activities, and special programming that take place all over Downtown. For the true art buyers and fans, arriving early offers a more relaxing stroll through the different galleries and art exhibits. As the evening progresses, more visitors descend on the area to meet up with friends and savor the local experience. Visitors and local Downtowners can often be found patronizing the outcropping of local shopping, dining and entertainment establishments that have created the thriving, vibrant community.


An Art Walk in Los Angeles is always a nice time of sharing. Artists and Art Enthusiasts take the opportunity to chat about one or the other exhibition, to share their opinion about this or that, about last openings. They walk all together from one gallery to another etc..

The Art Walks in Los Angeles are also quite an interesting experience for testing  your eye. You’ll find all sorts of art, from excellent to very bad. It is precisely the right place and the right moment to exercise your eye, and ask to yourself why you like the piece in front of you. And you’ll see how difficult it is to answer that question when, on the other hand, it is so easy to explain why you don’t like such piece of art! BCh



Annual: Saturday October, 10th, 2015
Pasadena, Playhouse District

The Pasadena ARTWalk is Pasadena’s largest urban art fair with over 5,000 people attending yearly. The event highlights some of the best Southern Californian visual artists showcasing their work in painting, sculpture, watercolor, photography, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, drawings, and printmaking. ARTWalk is free and all-ages are welcome.