GALLERIES GUIDE: the Arts district, Downtown Los Angeles


Downtown Los Angeles is an excellent spot to see good contemporary art, and meet with very dedicated gallerists. BCh

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Originally the whole district –stuck between Little Tokyo -North- the Fashion District –West- the Los Angeles River -West- and East Washington Boulevard –South- was composed of warehouses to storage any imaginable kind of products Los Angeles would need. Another part of the warehouses served for filming purpose.

Nowadays, in 2016, the district has changed a lot to become the new Chelsea of LA. New concept stores and restaurants pop up there as well as brand new all-in-concrete residential programs.

International art galleries decided to settle there like Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, among many other trendy galleries.

Things to know to prevent from getting lost or disappointed:

Why do art galleries settle Downtown in North East Los Angeles within the trucks circulation?  Because this is a place where a year ago (2014) the renting of a gallery was only $1500 dollars a month or even less in Chinatown…

Be aware that any ways you take you’ll have to face the 35 to 70 minutes driving and go to Downtown, North East Los Angeles.

A large majority of warehouses are still very active which and generate an important traffic of  huge large trucks coming in and coming out. It means that the streets are full of potholes because the traffic is so busy out there.

Before to get there, look at the addresses below and use your GPS to find the right gallery because the trend is to not put any name on the front.

To park your car use the private parking.

Galleries are open for sure from Thursday through Saturday, from 11am  or 12, to 5 or 6pm.



356 MISSION 356 S. Mission Rd.

THE BOX 805 Traction Ave

CB1 outsideCB1 Gallery, 1923 S Santa Fe Ave

Post beatnik art from L.A


CES gallery CES Gallery, 709 & 711 Mateo St

Very dedicated gallerist
Multi medium
Emerging artists

Charlie James Gallery, 969, Chung King Road

West coast Emerging artists
Mostly painting

Chimento Contemporary, 622 S Andersen St, Space 105

West Coast Emerging Artists

Cirrus Gallery, 2011 Santa Fe avenue

Prints from major artists and West Coast Emerging artists

Francois Ghebaly Gallery, 2245 E Washington Blvd

Excellent curated shows
All medium for conceptual art
Emerging and Established from L.A and Europe

img_0168Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel, 901E 3d Street

The best gallery of Los Angeles
The space has the size of a museum in order to show magnificent installations

Harmony Murphy Gallery, 358 E 2nd Street

Excellent eye, very dedicated gallerist
Multi medium
Artists from NY & Los Angeles

Ibid Projects Los Angeles, 675 S. Santa Fe Avenue

Little Big Man Gallery, 801 Mateo St

Mama Gallery Mama Gallery, on the move

Located in a former vineyard the place is a piece of history.
“No strings attached” gallery. They don’t work with a predetermined formal stable preferring to let the chance to impromptu for organizing group shows or solo shows.
Very Dedicated gallerist

mihai nicodim galleryMihai Nicodim Gallery, 571 South Anderson Street, Unit B

One of the best combination location+space. This place is awesome
Excellent eye for painting
Emerging artists mainly from Europe

Night Gallery  2276 E 16th Street

PYO Gallery LA 1100 S Hope St #105

Mostly Korean Art from
Established and Emerging artists

Rosamund Felsen Gallery No longer a Gallery, consult the website

ROYALE PROJECT 432 S Alameda Street (entrance on Seaton Street between 4th & 5th Streets)

Wilding Cran Gallery Wilding Cran Gallery, 939 South Santa Fe avenue

Two galleries (one for rent); Very dedicated gallerist
Excellent curated shows
Emerging & Established artists



Fahrenheit, 2245 E Washington Blvd

Founded by Flax foundation
Combo of French Artists Residencies + exhibitions

365 Mission & Oobooga store 356 Mission, 356 Mission Road

A bit apart (for the moment) the place is composed by 3 great spaces for exhibition, 2 main floor and 1 in the basement
“No strings attached” gallery, just exhibition as they feel..
The place includes Oogaboogastore

Think Tank Gallery

6,500 sq ft of gallery space fit for art exhibits, events, and film/photo productions


Arts District Night marks the largest coordinated schedule of events and openings for Arts District businesses and highlights the sense of community that is growing strong in the neighborhood.

Names & Addresses, consult:


Some restaurants are only open by night



Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel
Louise Bourgeois at Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel
Louise Bourgeois at Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel


Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel
Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel


Farenheit & Ghebaly

Nicodim Gallery

mihai nicodim exhibition 5
main gallery at Nicodim

Around Mission

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lucky brand



Around Anderson Street


mama gallery 3
gallery 1 and 2 at Mama Gallery