Two works by Anna Carey from her Stardust series have been acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

517 North Vine Street, Hollywood…then 2015, 70 x 105cm Giclee print – Courtesy Anna Carey


517 North Vine Street, Hollywood…now 2015, 70 x 105cm Giclee print – Courtesy Anna Carey


Anna Carey is originally an Australian photographer we discovered in 2013 and we immediately selected to be part of our Emerging Artist Selection. Since then she lives and works in Los Angeles. For us it’s no surprise the LACMA saw such interest in her work. Congratulations..

The Stardust series features ‘Stardust’ motels from different parts of the world and the two acquired are based on motels in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The works exist in both ‘… then’ and ‘… now’ versions to show how the buildings have changed overtime.

The motels were initially sourced through vintage postcards and then revisited through Google Maps.

The work aims to demonstrate how digital technologies like Google maps have the potential to alter urban landscapes all over the world as we don’t rely on signage to guide us to our destination.

The process also owes particular debt to the Los Angeles artists Ed Ruscha and his deadpan conceptual approach to his photography books such as ‘Some Los Angeles Apartments’ photographed with a car camera construction similar to Google Maps.

This Stardust series uses international examples of  Stardust motels to exemplify the world-wide homogeneity of a style of architecture which is distant from yet connected to contemporary cultures.