ESTABLISHED ARTIST Selection: Morgan Tschiember


At the occasion of an exhibition at Galerie Kamel Mennour, we are pleased to put artist Morgane Tschiember as part of our Established Artist Selection.


“The Inventory of my Desire”, Curated By Douglas Gordon  featuring artists: Marcel Duchamp / Pierre Molinier / Gina Pane/ Man Ray / Ed Ruscha / Morgane Tschiember / Douglas Gordon

@ Galerie Kamel Mennour
Through November 24th, 2018 

Douglas Gordon last show in Los Angeles was at the MOCA in 2002, not sure people know very well about him.

Gagosian presents him:

Douglas Gordon is a conjurer of collective memory and perceptual surprise whose tools include commodities and mechanisms of everyday life.’

No surprise though that Gordon cast such remarkable artists to curate a show at Kamel Mennour gallery in Paris. One of them, Morgan Tschiember is an artist we like and follow for years at be-Art magazine. To serve his purpose Douglas Gordon took a piece from 2015 made of glass and dust -image below-.

Indeed dust is the very essence of what’s left from a human life and activity. That dust encapsulated by the glass contains all the memory of some place, of someone…

It looks as heavy and busy as one’s brain before a therapy. The reflection of the sculpture in the mirror makes it float in the air like dust floats in the air, but the mirror also accentuates the heaviness of the content which multiplies to infinity. It is a work of several reading, beautiful and perfectly chosen for the subject of the exhibition

Dust devil, 2015, dust and glass


Learn more about Morgan Tschiember:

Morgane Tschiember was born in 1976 in Brest, France,
she lives and works in Paris and in situ all over the world.

PDF to her main gallery, Galerie Loevenbruck, France, click here

Video (in French) by AM Art Films

She explains that when she was young she was almost blind and she developed her own vocabulary to communicate. Her mom taught her how to name things, how to pay attention to details, how to name them and so on. Also imbued with dance and literature, that’s how she gradually developed her sense of creativity that made her the unique artist we know.

See below another collaboration between Tschiember and Gordon -2017- published by The Vinyl Factory