EXHIBITION: Catherine Opie at Marciano Foundation, L.A.


“700 Nimes Road” by Catherine Opie

@Marciano Foundation

November 2018

Installation view of Catherine Opie in the South Lodge at the Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles. Courtesy the artist and Marciano Art Foundation. Photo by Julian Calero.


For those who didn’t see yet the remarkable photographs by Catherine Opie, “700 Nimes Road” it’s urgent to go.

Opie spent six months capturing some 3,000 images of actress Elisabeth Taylor’s residence. She kept only 129 photographs for the book. The photos were taken just before and after Taylor’s hospitalization and eventual death in March 2011.

We see a house obviously filled with memories from Taylor as a public figure. We also penetrate the intimacy of her day to day life with remarkably framed shootings, simple but powerful. Every single detail document Taylor’s intimate life however without voyeurism . Most of all we feel a soul floating around these photos. Extremely subtle work.