EXHIBITIONS: in galleries on N Highland Ave, Los Angeles


This September 2018, focus on the galleries on North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles.

When you live in LA it’s worth driving one hour not only for one gallery. Not far from Hollywood there is an interesting portion of the North Highland Avenue where Collectors and Art Enthusiasts can walk to visit a few galleries.

And the good news is that they are opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am when some galleries in Downtown or Chinatown open only Thursday to Saturday from 11 or Noon, when they do it…..

Here is below a selection of galleries we recommend with their current exhibition.

On the map click on the name to reach each gallery’s website


Founded in 1989, the gallery relocated on Santa Monica Blvd, in 2012, to a new 20,000 square foot space designed by Michael Maltzanin.

Although the gallery is not on N Highland Avenue, the internationally acclaimed  gallery is the reason the other galleries have settled at walking distance on N Highland Ave.

Portrait of a Human (Pathos, Ethos, Logos, Kairos #2) – 2017 – Cel vinyl and spray paint over linen mounted on wood panel
Framed Dimensions: 28 5/8 x 24 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches (72.7 x 62.2 x 4.4 cm)



Lari Pittman: Portraits of Textiles & Portraits of Humans
Through October 27, 2018

Joyful yet very busy paintings full of layers of patterns for which we feel that the artist had fun doing.


Kohn Gallery is the most beautiful gallery of the North Highland Avenue. Simple and elegant proportion for that cube on the outside, it is a museum quality space inside with wide distance to view the art on every angle and a perfect light. A perfection.


Tony Berlant, Fast Forward
September 22nd – November 3d, 2018

Impressive large panels made of collage of images printed on metal, cut and nailed.

Detail of the above


VSF -Various Small Fires-

Another very nice architecture to host contemporary art. The gallery first opened in Venice in 2012 then moved to N Highland in 2014.

The gallery’s program reflects our strong desire to be a much-needed platform for artists exercising their voice on the most important social, political, and environmental issues that threaten humanity today”


In the Patio: Lauren Bon & the Metabolic Studio
“Portable Wetland for Southern California
Through December 15th,

Excellent environmentalist installation using the water of the LA River as the  main topic using its water, plants and sounds. Echoing the Ecological Art legacy of The Harrisons (Helen and Newton Harrison), Portable Wetland for Southern California experiment a way to treat the water of the LA River in order to use it.

Complementing the installation, in Various Small Fires’ sound corridor, is Symphony for a Portable Wetland for Southern California, a new sound work by The Sonic Division at the Metabolic Studio, composed of environmental field recordings sampled from the Owens Valley. These sounds of frogs in creek beds, birds, and crickets become an offering to all living systems in Los Angeles.”

INSIDE: Joshua Nathanson “An Idea Because They Ate It”
Through October 27th, 2018

It is as good inside as it was outside. Those large paintings combine air spray and brushstroke for the best. It is composed yet it shows a free style. As the background offers no perspective in depth because of its density in color and paint, the perspective, the character and items on the second layer of the canvas go out of the canvas, like ready to touch the visitor. Excellent.


After Palm Beach, Florida (since 2005) Sarah Gavlak opened her second gallery in 2014 on N Highland. “Since the beginning, Gavlak has maintained a focus on women and LGBTQ artists


Rob Wynne & Les Lalanne “Pastoral”
Through October 27, 2018

Very good combination with the art of the Three artists, Claude Lalanne, François-Xavier Lalanne, and Rob Wynne that makes you feel you are in a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Nice escape.

Blue Butterfly, 2017- Rob Wynne – Glass beads and thread on vellum – 27 x 21 in -Courtesy Gavlak Gallery



After two decades in Chelsea Tanya Bonakdar opened a second gallery in Los Angeles last July, 2018. She represents more than thirty distinguished artists worldwide such as Haim Steinbach, Jeffrey Vallance, Analia Saban, Mark DionNathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg and Olafur Eliasson to name a few


Olafur Eliasson: The speed of your attention
Through December 22, 2018

It’s fantastic that Los Angeles got the opportunity to get to know Olafur Eliasson with two consecutive exhibitions, one at Marciano Foundation (from March to August 2018) and that one at Tanya Bonakdar gallery.

The gallery shows a whole range of pieces, some more static and others more interactive like the wonderful piece “Moving together” which implies the collaboration with the viewer as it changes from white to black when walking.

Another good piece is “Retinal Flare Space” It contains all the criteria that define Eliasson, the slow motion of an image, the color Yellow that symbolizes the sun he loves to work with and the circles which give another dimension to the artwork like he works with galaxies and the Universe.

Olafur Eliasson 2018 – “Retinal flare space”
Courtesy Tanya Bonakdar Gallery



Since she opened in 2012 the gallery represents more than her 11 artists. Among them Roland Reiss who was a highly respected Chairman of the Art Department at Claremont Graduate University from 1971-2000.


Anthony Giannini: Mess Head
Through October 27, 2018

Above and below, paintings and collage by Anthony Giannini.



Active in primary and secondary markets, co-directed by Rodney and Taka NonakaHill with, for the moment, a short list of 4 Japanese artists. They opened last May, 2018.

Kansuke Yamamoto “Title unknown”, 1950 Gelatin silver print Image & paper 24.4 x 29.9 cm, 9-5/8 x 11-3/4 inches © Toshio Yamamoto, the Estate of Kansuke Yamamoto

Kansuke Yamamoto / Kentaro Kawabata
September 22nd, 2018 – November 3, 2018


Not far from Regen Projects, on the other side of N Highland Ave. Founded in 2007.

Inside Out with Samantha Bittman, Mariel Capanna, Nick Doyle, Hannah Epstein, Lucy Fradkin, Dahn Gim, Ben Jackel, G.T. Pellizzi and Camilo Restrepo

Through October 20, 2018

“a three-room exhibition that highlights an unexpected revival of folk art.”