EXHIBITION: Christian Eckart at Wilding Cran, Los Angeles


Christian Eckart “White Noise”
January 20th – March 17th
@Wilding Cran gallery, Los Angeles

Clouds – 2019, archival digital print on canvas, 100 x 100 in – courtesy Wilding Cran Gallery


What a magnificent career for the Canadian-born Houston-based artist, Christian Eckart! His works show a wide variety of genres as stunning as demanding all driven by an endless curiosity for the technique and how it can interacts with traditional idea of art. Click here on Christian Eckart retrospective…

White noise Christian Eckart Exhibition view – Courtesy Wilding Cran Gallery


For that last exhibition at Wilding Cran Gallery, “White noise” Eckart’s research are about the tricks of Digital use. He picked iconic divine and grandiose imagery from mother Nature as principal topic.

The result is simply stunning. The artist dared to print on large canvas so to show all the details of a mountain, a sky, a cloud, an ocean and so on. It’s like you’re diving in a Turner’s painting!

Behind the maestria of the making combined with the topic, Eckart conveys the recurrent question of where painting is right now if digital can makes the trick in such way.
The art of painting has been challenged by photography since its invention but now with Eckart who pushes the boundary of digital to such point that it is as good as painting we clearly see even more difficult challenge for painters….
At that point only painters like Claude Viallat who has taken another path by cracking the code of colors can rise the challenge

Ice Christian Eckart 2019, archival digital print on canvas, 60 x 100 in – Courtesy Wilding Cran Gallery