EXHIBITION: Christian Eckart at Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles


“Post, Post” by Christian Eckart

@Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles
January 30 – April 2, 2016

Texan artist, Christian Exckart’s exhibition at Wilding Cran is a Museum quality exhibition. Wilding Cran obviously continues its ascension among the top galleries in Downtown Los Angeles.

Dichroic+Glass+Field+2016 - courtesy Wildin Cran Gallery
Dichroic+Glass+Field+2016 – courtesy Wilding Cran Gallery


The mural glass piece (above) is a quite interesting one. Those multiple facets of colored glass change their color as you move. It is the core of Eckart’s main problematic, the color. Wether it is with glass or aluminum, Christian Eckart works on the versatility/relativity of the color versus the apparent monochromy/stability of a color. Eckart seeds a doubt in a field where it was supposed to have no doubt.

Many of Eckart’s works are manufactured utilizing the latest extreme-effect coating technologies applied to a shaped aluminum armature/support. As a result some of the “paintings” change colors contingent upon lighting conditions and the relative position of the viewer to the work, ultimately enhancing and exaggerating the works dynamism. Although such works are in fact multi-colored, Monochrome is applied in their title as a way of privileging the continuous and uniform material coating over the color effects of the material itself. The suggestion, therefore, is that that which constitutes a color today can be said to have evolved to a new level of complexity as has much of our understanding of the natural and man-made world.

The Absurd Vehicle - 2006-2011 Mixed media (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, powder coat, wheels, etc.); 120 x 161 x 161 inches Hexagonal Perturbation Hexagonal Perturbation Sacra Conversazione Painting - Versione Follia 2013.jpg Polychrome Painting 2015.jpg ACG Polychrome.jpg Hexagonal Perturbation (Rough cut version) Hexagonal Perturbation Hexagonal Perturbation Dichroic Glass Hexagonal Peturbation White Painting 3 Unit Superimposed Circuit Painting Circuit Painting - Diptych Circuit Painting Curved Monochrome Painting - Fourth Variation Layered Zootrope Painting courtesy Wildin Cran Gallery
The Absurd Vehicle – 2006-2011 Mixed media (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, powder coat, wheels, etc.) 120 x 161 x 161 inches – courtesy Wilding Cran Gallery


Hexagonal Perturbation - courtesy Wildin Cran Gallery
Hexagonal Perturbation – courtesy Wilding Cran Gallery