EXHIBITION: Karon Davies at Wilding Cran, Los Angeles


“Muddy Water” by Karon Davis
Through November 4, 2018
@Wilding Cran gallery, Los Angeles

This show takes it’s name from Bessie Smith’s 1927 recording of Muddy Water, a song about the Great Mississippi Flood. The body of work reflects on the effects of climate change, and subsequent migration and displacement, offering a glimpse into the experiences people encounter during natural disasters.
The gallery continues to do whatever it takes to show an artist at its most. Here the poignant exhibition takes you to the guts before any understanding. Unfortunately the subject refers to what is now familiar to any of us, the flood. Karon Davis chose to freeze the people in action, like they were in Pompeï, Italy.
The unfinished sculptures showing partial faces or partial bodies made of raw plaster amplifies that idea of fragility of human condition on earth.
Indeed very poignant exactly the kind of exhibition that should be chosen for a Venice Biennial or so…