EXHIBITION: Mark Bradford at Hauser and Wirth, Los Angeles


“Mark Bradford. New Works”


until May 20, 2018

Hauser and Wirth is surfing on the wave of the Venice exhibition at the U.S. Pavilion at the Biennale Arte -May to November 2017- showing in Los Angeles an outstanding exhibition of Mark Bradford’s new paintings. Their elegant main gallery is exclusively dedicated to the display of Bradford’s 10 large and very large formats.

Mark Bradford the day of the opening at Hauser and Wirth

Last time Mark Bradford has shown his work in his home town was in 2015, with the exhibition at the Hammer Museum. Listen below a conversation with Anita Hill


Mark Bradford is indubitably excellent

His thick paintings show multiple layers of paint, of color, plus collages of comic books from his childhood, and other found fabrics, all accumulated on plane surfaces.

It is transforming a simple canvas into an archeological playground in which are hidden rage, personal memories, political and social concerns.

This accumulation of material/feelings is sanded, carved to increase the dynamic of the paint. All that long process of accumulation sanded, carved and painted and sanded and painted again produce a stunning aesthetic result: it’s beautiful, it’s vibrant, it’s organic and icing on the cake, the closer you look at the more you discover.

That said every art produced nowadays must be seen also out of their current context, without any explanation from the artist. Concerning Mark Bradford, no doubt his body of work will pass the century, but only for aesthetic reasons, because taken out of context, the paintings don’t show the social and political activism of Bradford.


above and below, Mark Bradford, a gigantic 6 Foot 8 painter!

Mark Bradford the day of the opening at Hauser and Wirth