French artist Georges Rousse at Santiago del Chile


At Chile’s MAC
October 23d – January 19th 2014








A Georges Rousse exhibition is always an event. Some art critics reduce his art to photography when it is much more than that.

Since his debuts Georges Rousse is all together a Sculptor because his installation requires to be three dimensional, he is also a Painter because he needs a real sense of color and composition to reach his purpose and, last but not least, he is a Photographer because his work is made to be seen from only one point of view and the photographs end his whole process.

Note to our reader who don’t know about Georges Rousse: Pay attention to any details shown on any photograph. This is not a Photoshop work!! Each single piece of what you see is painted for real on the decor itself.

This time his work is even more sophisticated. Please read the articles mentioned below. A must be seen of course BCh

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