The last Studio Visit of be-Art Club for the season 2019 took place at Blue McRight, in Venice. The Artist welcomes us at the threshold of her studio on the second floor of a building conceived by Warren Wagner, her husband, a great architect in Venice.

The studio looks huge with a high ceiling and bright. At first glaze the eye could browse the uniqueness of the place. It’s calm, peaceful yet full of “stuff” either hanged on the wall or on the tables. Many intriguing items like ferrules of hoses, roots or tree branches and many other found objects. In the middle of the room a few boxes containing prior sculptures or paintings and meticulously stocked form a large island. In the corner of the room at the bottom left there is a sculpture in progress made with branches without bark that look like a human skin with some wrinkles., very impressive. The extremity of some branches is finished with ferrules of hoses, some other branches are covered with a black bandage. No doubt that a whole story is in progress there.

In parallel with the branches installations, Blue McRight likes to explore the transformation of found objects into species from an imaginary ocean

Blue McRight is also well know for developing an endless series of oil on paper traditional US RVs:

graphite on paper