Supports Surfaces at 356 Mission, Los Angeles


Supports / Surfaces
@ 356 S. Mission Road
November 16 – December 21, 2014

With works by:

André-Pierre Arnal, Pierre Buraglio, Louis Cane, Noël Dolla, Daniel Dezeuze, Christian Jaccard, Jean-Michel Meurice, Bernard Pagés, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Patrick Saytour, Claude Viallat


Claude Viallat is a major French painter. His work is based on paint and color that’s it. No frame at all. Color is the topic and the medium, no other topic on the surface. He plays with that idea for more than 50 years and he succeeds! His work is awesome, new and radical. And please don’t think that Viallat doesn’t now to draw because he is very good at drawing too but his purpose it going as far as he can in that support/surface story. BCh

support surface

“You can hardly expect an enterprise whose philosphical underpinnings drew equally from Marx, Freud and Mao to play out in some tidy fashion. By adopting strategies of esthetic and political action, they were able to invest their work with conceptual rigor. The early explorations of the limits of materials, the liberating process of doing, the transgression of boundaries between the event and the public became situations where the works formed links with each other. Whenever the works confront each other affinities remain apparent.”
– Bernard Ceysson in  Supports / Surfaces, 2014

viallat at mission viallat2