U.P. Drawing art Fair on the Net, Edition 2010


no more carbon emissions, no more shipping, no more expenses, but the pleasure to visit:

1st Contemporary Drawing Art Fair on the Internet

March 5th to 25th, 2010

Many thanks to the Galleries and Artists who contributed to this initiative and made possible this drawing art fair on Internet.


This amazing brand new experience of a Drawing art fair on line is meant to acknowledge those who don’t know that contemporary drawings are exceptional.

Why is it called an art fair?

A/ because Beatrice Chassepot has curated the show by selecting the best galleries possible for that specific medium,
B/ because the drawings shown are all on sale directly through their gallery (bAm doesn’t take any commission on the sale)

Why only Drawings?

A/ because drawings can be shown on the Internet without depriving them of their very essence.
B/ The viewer has just to adjust what he sees with the real size, mentioned.
C/ Because at bAM we do love Drawings

U.P. Drawing art fair, 2010, displays drawings from 19 different art galleries, from Europe and North America. They all have accepted the challenge and they present here their best.

So, plug  your computer into your TV and enjoy the drawings shown on this unique Art Fair. Pay attention to every single detail: composition, tones of colors, shades of grays, depth of blacks, fineness of lines, meaning or absence of meaning etc…

You’re invited to contact directly the Gallery and ask any question about the artist, the price, the technique and so forth. Don’t be afraid to jump into the pleasure of becoming a collector because the price of a drawing (and shipping) is roughly less expensive than oil on canvas or other unique original piece of art.

Dear Reader-Art Lover, this could be your time to become a collector!
and, Dear-Reader-already-collector here is a wonderful selection, make your choice!
Beatrice Chassepot
Los Angeles, March 25th, 2010.
PS: the Art Fair was so successful that it has brought more than 10,000 readers to visit bAM, the first month.


Association Premier Regard sur la Création Artistique – Paris –
Artegalore – Paris –
Galerie Anne Barrault – Paris –
Galerie de Bayser – Paris –
Galerie Stanislas Bourgain – Paris –
Galerie Briobox – Paris –
Galerie Martine et Thibaut de la Châtre – Paris –
Galerie Lucile Corty – Paris –
Galerie Eric Dupont – Paris –
Galerie Pascale Guillon – Tavel –
Galerie Loevenbruck – Paris –
Galerie Odile Ouizeman – Paris –
Galerie Françoise Paviot – Paris –
Rosamund Felsen Gallery – Santa Monica
Koplin del Rio Gallery – Culver City
Le Basse Projects – Culver City
Projex MTL – Montreal
Thomas Rehbein Gallery – Köln/Cologne
Lora Schlesinger  Gallery- Santa Monica


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