A good Gallery should be


An Art Gallery is not a retail store like others. An Art Gallery is a place you should trust to buy art. A good Art Gallery is a place that you want to visit again and again to discover new artists, new works….


Galleries rue St Claude in Le Marais, in Paris 3d district

A good gallery should be and should do:

  1. A good gallery owner should be a good curator. Each show should acknowledge you about the intentions driven by the artist(s).
  2. If you show a closer interest for a certain piece of art, the gallery Director or the assistant should provide as many informations about the artist, his technique, his biography as possible,
  3. The art gallery should published a catalog about the artist or at least he should have some good documentation about the artist he represents.
  4. A good gallery generally shows the artists he represents all around the world in art fairs.
  5. As he is confident in the artist he/she represents, the Art dealer should be able to place him in Museum and/or other shows all over the world
  6. the art dealer should bring art critics and/or journalists who should write good lines about the artist
  7. When the gallery sells you an artwork, you should receive a follow up of the artist to let you know about his carrier evolution.

Which one you should visit? at be-Art Magazine we build a galleries’ list that have most of the criteria mentioned above. be-Art selection clik here